ECTA reports slow growth in European broadband

The European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) has reported a significant slowdown in broadband uptake across Europe, falling from 23 per cent in Q3 2005 to only 7 per cent growth in Q3, 2006. Broadband service numbers increased from 64m lines in March 2006 to 68.4m in September. In terms of growth, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland occupy the top three slots.

Growth almost stalled in a number of countries including Denmark and Belgium, which experienced just 3 per cent growth. France saw growth slow to 10 per cent and is placed at eight place. Spain, Sweden and Austria are also reported to have suffered a slow-down.

In contrast, Deutsche Telekom's market share dropped below 50 per cent for the first time and at the same time it had a 15 per cent surge in growth in broadband penetration. UK (15 per cent) and Ireland (30 per cent) also showed strong growth over the six months, while countries such as Denmark and Belgium saw growth slow to around 4 per cent, ECTA reported.

Greece registered a 63 per cent growth in the number of broadband lines in the country over the six months, but the growth came from a particularly low base, the ECTA found.

ECTA informed that while the take-up rate of broadband internet access slowed sharply across Europe, former monopoly operators in some key markets have managed to reclaim market share lost to rivals in recent years. The association also found that DSL remained the dominant networking standard in Europe, with 82 per cent of the market.

(Source: Digital Media Europe)