Forbes magazine released a list of Worst Car flops in 2010. Less safe, poor handling and fuel efficiency is one factor that makes these cars into the list of cars that collapsed in 2010.

Forbes released this list after consulting with 3 of the automotive analyst, Consumer Reports, NADAGuides and Daily Autoline Detroit. Each analyst is giving what they think is the worst car. Honda is the manufacturer of the most on the list. And here’s the complete list.

Smart ForTwo
Cars with a capacity of only 2 passengers is considered unsafe when the collision occurred. In addition, a small body shape is considered very uncomfortable when handling and maneuvering.

Honda Insight
The handling of this car is so bad. Engine performance is worse than the Toyota Prius Hybrid. This car can not be marketed in many countries because the price is too high. And compared to the Prius, Honda Insight in terms of sales still far less.

Lexus HS250h
Most U.S. consumers claim this car does not match that promised by the Toyota though in terms of fuel is very economical.

Acura ZDX
From the outside it looks luxurious and hinted the impression of relief in the passenger cabin. Unfortunately the passenger cabin is very narrow. Selling price also dropped. Consumer Reports issued a predicate worst cars to this car.

Honda Accord CrossTour
The design is okay, in terms of the engine is also quite tough. But it turns out the car trunk was not relieved. While consumers want the baggage area of the sedan in the car.

Suzuki Kizashi
Suzuki is known for his small car. But Kizashi build by the Japanese car manufacturer origin in the U.S. is less well known in brand.

Honda Element
In the U.S. Honda Element is a car that adopted the ancient designs. Over 7 years in a row, the sales declining in the U.S. and Honda stop the production of the car. The 2011 model is the latest model of this crossover utility vehicle car.