China to become 3D player in 2011

In what could be seen as either the news that the industry wants to hear to give it a shot in the arm it needs to achieve mainstream pricing, or he biggest nightmare of Western suppliers, Chinese electronics manufacturers are gearing up to mass produce 3D

The Dayoo news agency is reporting that a number of Chinese TV makers are gearing up for 3DTV production in 2011, including Skyworth Group, TCL Corporation and Konka Group.

Yet the agency quotes a senior executive of Skyworth conceding that the current sales volume of 3D TVs was not satisfying, because the 3D industrial chain was not mature and, or perhaps as a consequence, products were being sold at too high a price.

Dayoo also revealed that Konka had launched a 72-inch 3D smart TVs to take a unique place in a market that was dominated by 46- and 55-inch 3DTVs. Konka added that its strategy was to release products sized from 26-72 inches throughout 2011.

(Source: RapidTVNews )