pentru clonangii ca mine care au un sim1 in clona de dream (eu am sim2.01)


Ive got beta version for testing purpose.

My first observations and findings.
There is no need any smartcard reader neither any other special HW. Just box with so called SIM1 card.
There have been more similar sim1 cards on the market.

The right one should be this one

You can use this upgrade for any other types smartcard, but it will not work, nothing will happen.

All operation takes about 5mins.
You have to upload special image, run plugin and wait for upgrade information.
After upgrade you can flash any image suitable for Ferrari card.
I did test with beta version and it seems working well.
Hope that Ferrari team will release final version soon.


UPDATE to 1.2

Image version 1.2

How to:

1-flash your box with "free-ferrari-upgrade-1-2"
2-At plugins choose "genuine ferrari"
3-click on free sim1 --> to ferrari card
4-attend the message update card ok
5-flash the dreambox with a ferrari image with SS76FF3 inside

What is new:

-Bugs repaired,
-MAC address changer is working and so is repair of broken security cards by 3 rd party images/SSL
-Logging feature enabled and working perfectly for those they need our help with their smart card upgrade.

All is working and tested for Sim:

- Sim 1.0 T1 v00.03
- Sim 1.0 T1 v00.04
- Sim 1.0 T1 v00.05 (soon)