World Energy Research, one of the leading energy investment firms has announced its plans to give more focus to clean energy. The company has started conducting a lot of research programs on the clean energy options which can be used in place of traditional energy resources

World Energy Research has conducted a lot of successful research programs to find out the cleaner ways to extract traditional energy resources like oil and gas. Now the focus has been shifted to research and extraction of energy from solar, wind and tidal power resources.

The demand for alternative energy has grown approximately five fold in the past few years. Due to this rise in demand for green energy World Energy Research has taken up many research projects which can give best green energy resources.

As a part of these programs, Blue Energy Canada, a leading green energy technology company, has reached an agreement with World Energy Research, where World Energy Research has agreed to provide the financial assistance to develop the ‘first 200 MW commercial tidal power project’ of Blue Energy Canada.

This will help to extract tidal power on a large scale, which can be used to make electricity in bigger quantities. World Energy Research is also planning to have two main deals and solar and wind energy sectors.

According to leading energy research companies, solar energy is one of the major renewable energy sectors undergoing tremendous growth these days. Reports of leading investment companies like World Energy Research say that the production of solar cells improved by about 50% in the year 2007.

Reports also say that the use of wind energy has also been increasing these days. It is estimated that the industry has been undergoing about 28% of growth for the past five years. If this continues wind energy industry will gain a lot of prominence in renewable energy industry soon.

Many energy research experts believe that tidal energy too will get the same, or may be more prominence in the coming years, because of its predictability, when compared to other renewable energy resources. As oceans form more than 70% of the surface of earth tidal energy can be used to provide power to entire world, if used wisely.