Hi ALL the gr8 members of this gr8 forum . Here i will guide you how to make your own newcs Server.

In this article I will explain how to setup a NewCS cardsharing server on windows. I will use it to share my dutch Digitenne /KPN smartcard on my home network. This DVB-T system uses conax encryption but this method will work for all kinds of encrypted cards on different DVB broadcasts. In this article I will be using ProgDVB with WinCSC-plugin to connect to my wincs cardserver but other CAM emulators like NewCAMD, EvoCAMD and MGCAMD will also work.

What you Need ?

1. DVB-S Card (I m using Technisat SS2 PCI DVB card)
2. Phoenix Interface smartcardreader (You can use any USB SmartcardReader Also)
3. Paid subscription card
4. Newcs 1.65 ( DOwnload it by clicking following link)


5. ProgDVB 6.0.4(or Higher version)

6. WinCSC-plugin

Setup NewCS

•Decompress the files from the NewCS archive to some directory
•Go to the configs directory and find your config file or download my simple or advanced (rename to newcs.xml) config file.
•Copy the newcs.xml file to the win32 directory
•Open the newcs.xml file.
•Now the <node> and <newcamd_port> tags are interesting for us. Specify the serial port (COMx) on which You have a cardreader hardware installed (for infinity USB you can choose your emulated COM port here). Also, specify the debug port for the NewCS server (starts its numbering from 10001).
•Add some users. Find a user tag:

Modify the <name> and <password> to fit your needs. You can have multiple <user> tags, of course.

•Start the newcs.exe from the command prompt or by double clicking on it.

Connecting to you cardsever

•Install ProgDVB
•Extract WinCSC archive to some directory
•Copy the contents of the different folders to ProgDVB plugins folder, Main folder and the windows->system folder
•Start ProgDVB, activate your device and search for channels
•Choose plugins – -> Cardserver client –> configure server
•Delete all current configurations
•Fill out server details, mine where:
protocol: newcamd525
username: testing
Password: ********
Cardserver IP Adress: (my server address in home network) choose localhost if cardserver is on same windows machine.
port: 12000
That’s it! Enjoy!