Released Commando-12-DM500S Neutrino

At last a Commando Image for the DM500s

Commando 12 neutrino for the Dreambox 500s

compiled from the svn which includes fixes to the following

Scan Defaults to 28.2e, if you select another Sat it will save that as the last sat

This image does not include any Cable support as UK cable is dead, but does fully support most of the normal Satellite requirements, including CCCam

as usual NO CAMS, KEYS, ROMS included by default

pop CCcam into /var/bim/emu. select blue > extras menu > softcam menu, from there you can start the cam

( needs to be named "CCcam" )

all us neutrino users need now is for Lrazier to finish off the EPG hes working on

With Thanks to all the guy's at forum including special thanks to Lraizer, Phaprosal, Satsearching, Scruff, and other members of the forum

and to the Tuxbox boys for the work they have put into porting Neutrino to this fun box, (shame they seem to not continue development of this, or answer questions anymore)

THE PASSWORD is commando

This image is by default aimed at UK users, but a simple addition of other languages locals files will enable other languages

yWeb and Tuxbox Commander are included, as is AutoFS (CIFS mount tested) and Streaming. And some Games, for fun. Despite all that lot in r/o SquashFS root, the writeable JFFS2 /var parition is an eye-watering 4.125mb in size, giving an initial Free Space of around 3.8mb

Download from here