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    Here is a quick update as you've not heard a word after I announced I'd be releasing a personal custom version of E2iPlayer.

    E2iStream (as my version is known) is coming along nicely and I hope to get a release out to you in the coming weeks or so.

    Here is whats happened so far (in between commercial work):

    1) Temporarily removed non-english hosts - I understand some worked but I wanted to concentrate on English first.. they will be back

    2) Removed pointless / Useless hosts, i.e. Apple Trailers etc.

    3) Fixed various hosts such Yifi which was showing no results - now fixed and a included in the e2iStream video below.

    4) Fixed categories, i.e. some hosts were not correctly shown under english such as Music-Box and HDCartoon was not correctly under Cartoons and Anime.

    5) I've added 18+ Adult Content (as per several users request) - I understand this is not acceptable to all (including me) and therefore I will release and support a version without it. This host has a pin code and the default one set by me - you will need to request the code as I do not want youngsters opening this host.

    The content under this host is not controlled by me and is the work of mosz_nowy:

    6) Removed various code functions created by the original author, such as this blocking code to block certain users or sites, i.e. function def checkBlacklistedImage(self): where it blocks users because of user "DirtyDonki"..

    Putting above aside, I would like to personally thank samsamsam for all his hard work throughout the years on E2iPlayer and his permission to release my own version to the public.

    7) Update server now points to my servers and is completely disconnected from the original gitlab etc. Any changes to e2iStream will be automatic as before.

    **** TO DO ****

    1) Clean up the remaining code
    2) Replace some graphics / Logos / Icons.
    3) Fix remaining broken host (BBC Sport atm)
    3) Add new planned hosts.

    Lastly, a few points:

    I'd like to thank all those who have provided messages of support and who have been very patient

    Please remember that this is a project outside of commercial work, I will look at issues as quickly as I possibly can.

    it is my plan to add more new hosts, please feel free to post suggestions.

    Take care and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.



    PS. Pentru pornaciuni pass=2470
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    Nu vrea nicicum să se instaleze pe Vu+ Solo2 cu OpenATV 6.3. Am īncercat și direct ipk și din panelul SatVenus și din feedul din imaginea OpenATV, dar după restart nu apare nicăieri pluginul.
    Īnainte am avut instalat E2iPlayer, dar la ultimul update tot zice că versiunea de duktape e veche dar nu vrea să o actualizeze și nu mai merge nimic. Īn orice categorie intru e gol.
    Oradea: 1.2M Fe Off, 0.3dB Digital Gold, H-H Moteck SG-2100A, SS2 2.8A, SRT Digibox.
    75 E - 43 V


      Este cunoscut faptul ca nu functioneaza cu OpenATV 6.3, dar merge pe 6.2
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      Your contribution will be used to pay for our hosting service.