Humax !!!!! noua realizare ce se lasa asteptata

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    Humax !!!!! noua realizare ce se lasa asteptata

    In sfirsit a IESIT dar are..........276Mb comprimat..........

    HumaxStudio Professional v1.1 Build: 1550 released
    ************************************************** *

    HumaxStudio Professional v1.1 public release finished, a size of 276 Mbytes compressed, installed 1588 MBytes in NTFS .

    The download won't be available until in some days, we are putting the download in several servers. The links will be available when I change the Web

    Bye Bye old Web.



    HumaxStudio Professional v1.1 Build: 1550

    HumaxStudio Professional v1.1.1550 has been released.

    HumaxStudio Professional is a package of programs able to complete all the demands of an user of low level until the advanced users and programmers.

    Release Date: 08/09/2004

    File: setup_hsp11.exe
    Size: 276.113.567 Bytes


    - Envoriment for 1280x1024 pixels with 16Bits color or more.
    - Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3/ Windows XP SP1/ Windows 2003 supported and tested.

    - 2 GBytes of free Hard Disk.
    - English and Spanish languages supported. Others ask avaliables.
    - Include ASM, DeASM, check, compile, decompile, compress, debug, decrypt, edit, emuhumax, encrypt, extract, verify, test programs.
    - HDF,SDL,IDD,HAF,RAW and BIN firmwares formats supported (Compressed or non-compressed).
    - HNF,HSF,FPF,G2F,GDF,DVB,FV3 settings formats supported.
    - Multi-Editor Settings.
    - Support for open, extract, save, compiler, decompiler, explorer Source GreeBo V1/V2.
    - Support for open, extract, save, compiler, decompiler, explorer Source Humax Digital and ID-Digital.
    - Support for add, extract and edit icons, macros, animations and others.
    - Support for converters of Settings formats HNF2DVB, HNF2GDF, HNF2G2F and HNF2FV3.
    - Support for converters of Firmware formats HDF2SDL.
    - Support for emulate the CPU TMIPS 3930, MPEG2 Philips SAA7219, SAA7215-16-21, SAA7127 encoder chip, SAA7146/7202 decoder chips.
    - Support for the CHIPS Intel TE28F/AM29LV800A/B/C3B, TE28F/AM29LV160A/B/C3B, TE28F/AM29LV320A/B/C3B
    - Support for the CHIPS of Audio, Interface and others used in the Humax.
    - Support for OSD, macros, modules, patch, plugins and drivers.
    - Full Humax GreeBo v1/v2 supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Full Humax Digital OAK decoders supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Full Humax Digital F1 decoders supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Full Humax Digital F2 decoders supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Full Humax Digital PVR decoders supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Full ID-Digital decoders supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Command Console Window.
    - Source Code Window.
    - Source files Window.
    - Memory map window.
    - Properties projects window.
    - Registers window.
    - Debugger window.
    - Breakpoints.
    - Include Launch (Support others programs non Humax-Team fourtress).
    - Emulator of Firmware for execute created Firmware or already created in HAF,HDF,SDL or IDD.
    - Improved the edition notably with new functions.
    - Own communication protocol between PC and decoder, much more efficient and surer.
    - Edit of Source proffesional.
    - Edit of Macros personalized.
    - 2 Wizards independents, one for program configuration, other for help to make some tasks, before it was everything in one single and it took to confusions :_( .
    - CRC32, MD5 checksum supported.
    - HDF-Bootloader supported.
    - Conflicting loaders supported. Bye Z-Board .
    - GreeBo v1 adapter (2002) supported.
    - GreeBo v2 adapter (2004) supported.
    - Dump.key of Humax GreeBo v2 supported.
    - Wizard for GreeBoUP packets.
    - Varied utilities, HDF Tool and PCMT Tool.
    - Include complete interactive Help.
    - Include complete documents and schematics of Humax and ID-Digital decoders, publics and secrets.
    - Include Humax GreeBo V1 and V2 source code.
    - Include firmware and settings examples.

    - Update by FTP protocol direct.
    - And much more.

    Software include - Humax-Team Fourtress Group
    - CarALL 3.1
    - GreeBo Packet V2
    - GreeBoUP v1.1
    - Key Editor Block.13
    - Wizard GreeBoUP V1


    Cracking, Zustar, DrLittle, ShinLao, Josepe and Gampy. Thanks .
    Humax-Team Fourtress. Copyright 2002-2004.
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    Don't live because you are born!
    Don't go the way life takes you...
    Take life the way you go!
    Happiness Lies In Your Own Hand...

    cind va apare pachetul acesta, pina cind se mai lasa asteptata?

    stie cineva?
    Humax5400Z ToH3.3;Strong SRT6355;Strong4125evolution;
    Vantage VT-X121SCI;PhillipsCryptoworks; DragonCAM;YellowZetaCam; UPC-Direct; PW; Astra/Hotbird/Amos/Sirius



      Cica si-au inchis si ei activitatea:http://www.greeboproject.cjb.net/,Dar s-ar putea sa fie o smecherie! Vad ca si P.H. numai vrea sa faca nimic!S-ar putea sa fie o intelegere intre ei ! si dupa un timp sa apara noul soft si firmware! Inca nu se mai stie nimic!Om traii si om vedea!
      TGV,Antena 1.8 si 1.6
      Lnb Invacom,Cas2.Multiprog ,Humax 5400,5300!MM,titanium.UPC,+Dolby Digital Home Cinema Sony!



        Eu am citit pe la spanioli ca vor sa faca si o modificare hardware,memorie mai mare etc.
        Are cineva pdf de la caracteristicile lui humi 5400z?
        350 kg de scule!


          Salutare tuturor.
          Vad ca aveti un 5400.
          Merita banii decit un premier 7000s sau un dreambox