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    Nu te pot ajuta cu mare lucru din simplu motiv ca nu ma intereseaza linux-ul, dar in schimb te anunt ca in noua varianta sa inclus in kernel DVB-ul. Mai departe sper sa te ajute altcineva. Mult succes!

    Merge pe linux bine, insa doar FTA dedocamdata. Cel putin ce am reusit eu. Eu folosesc asa:

    Mandrake 9.1
    Driverele dee pe www.linuxtv.org din septembrie parca
    xine ca player

    Tot ce tre sa faci e sa compilezi driver-ul (mai multe in fisierul readme din el)

    Apoi pornesti xine cu dvb frontend si merge. In subdirectorul .xine din userul cu care rulezi serverul X tre sa ai channels.conf care se foloseste in programul VDR care e regele pe linux in materie de playere dvb si nu numai.

    In rest tre sa ai kernelul compilat cu suport V4l sau V4l2 si sa instalezi sursele de kernel. Bineintzeles ca tre sa ai instalate si compilatoarele (gcc) si make-ul pe care oricum ti-l instaleaza automat.

    In rest ar fi multe de spus insa chiar nu am timp sa fac un howto pentru treaba asta.


      un mic read-me

      SKYSTAR2 and Free to Air channels HOWTO (The quick and dirty way).

      Thanks to Sky4Linux DVB Project: http://www.assitecforum.com/forum2/f...sp?FORUM_ID=28

      This howto explains how to use a SkyStar2 Satellite DVB card on linux

      - Linux Kernel Source 2.4.x (If it is the first time you are using these
      sources you have to "#make menuconfig" in the kernel source root
      directory, usually "/usr/src/linux" and save the configuration)
      - Linux Kernel 2.6 already includes modules for SS2 Card
      - Devfs support in kernel
      - Video4Linux support in kernel

      Here is the quick and dirty way:

      $cvs -d server:[email protected]:/cvs/linuxtv login
      just hit enter when prompt for password

      $cvs -d server:[email protected]:/cvs/linuxtv co dvb-kernel

      when download is finished:
      $cd dvb-kernel/build-2.4


      Now as root:

      #make install

      #insmod dvb-core dvb_shutdown_timeout=0
      #insmod skystar2
      #insmod mt312

      Now your system has support for SS2 DVB card.

      Using SS2 with mplayer:

      download mplayer from cvs:
      $cvs -dserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/mplayer login
      just hit enter when prompt for password

      $cvs -z3 -dserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/mplayer co main

      Download Nico's patch from

      $cd main

      patch from mplayer sources root directory with:

      $patch -p1 -i dvbin.diff

      $./configure --enable-dvb

      If you want gui and menu support you have to specify also --enable-gui
      --enable-menu, remember that menu doesn't work at the same time with gui
      (see Appendix C).


      Now as root:

      #make install

      Now you have to configure your channels.conf in the mplayer directory in
      your home (~/.mplayer).

      Here is channels.conf sintax:

      Channel Name:Frequency:Polarityiseq:Symbolrate:VPID:APID:0:0:0

      Diseq variable has four values: 0 if u haven't got a diseq, 1,2,3,4
      for diseq settings.

      You can get an example here: http://lugat.no-ip.org/HOWTOs/channels.conf

      play a channel with

      $mplayer dvb://"Channel Name"

      [Appendix A] Compiling LinuxTV with Suse

      If u have a distribution like Suse, Mandrake or RedHat you'll have to
      remove previous installed mplayer packages, also if u are using one of
      their pre-made kernels, you'll probably have to modify the Makefile from
      LinuxTV cvs like this:

      get the modules directory with:

      $ls /lib/modules

      Edit the Makefile and replace the line beginning with "KERNELRELEASE :="
      with this line:
      KERNELRELEASE := "modules directory"

      Now compile as usual, probably you'll have to force modules into kernel
      ($insmod -f <modulename>).


      [Appendix B] Semplify module loading

      Copy compiled modules in:



      # depmod -a

      Edit /etc/modules.conf and add the following lines:

      options dvb-core dvb_shutdown_timeout=0
      alias dvb skystar2
      add below skystar2 mt312

      Now when you need SS2 DVB support just run:

      # modprobe dvb


      [Appendix C] Using OSD Menu

      Remember that this feature doesn't work at the same time with gui!

      Edit two files named input.conf and menu.conf into mplayer directory under
      your home (~/.mplayer).

      Add the following lines into input.conf:

      MOUSE_BTN0 menu up
      y menu down
      y menu ok
      y menu cancel
      y menu hide
      y set_menu general_pref

      Into menu.conf:
      Just after "<filesel ... />" section:

      <dvbsel title="Channel List" name="dvbsel" />

      At the end of the file:

      <cmdlist name="main" title="MPlayer 0.90" ptr="<>" >
      <e name="Pause" ok="pause"/>
      <e name="Prev/Next" ok="pt_step 1" cancel="pt_step -1"/>
      <e name="Jump to ..." ok="set_menu jump_to"/>
      <e name="Open ..." ok="set_menu open_file"/>
      <e name="Open playlist ..." ok="set_menu open_list"/>
      <e name="DVB" ok="set_menu dvbsel"/>
      <e name="Help" ok="set_menu man"/>
      <e name="Pref" ok="set_menu pref_main"/>
      <e name="Console" ok="set_menu console0"/>
      <e name="Quit" ok="quit"/>