Seca 2..... BYE,BYE....

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    Seca 2..... BYE,BYE....

    Se pare ca se duce si minunea asta! cititi mai jos sa vedeti bucurie...

    @- R E S P E C T [email protected] [email protected]@Team 

    21.02.2005 Digital+ ( Astra 19.2 ) going in to symulcryptu - and Nagravision Cardmagedon.
    New official Card 18.02.2005 on Air.

    On 27th of January Digital+ platform has started the tests of the conditional access system on two channels of the package: MTV Espana and VH1 available from Astra satellite.
    It is known that package has tested Nagravision encryption overlay for Seca 2 - called Cardmage. Is there Nagravision for SECA2?

    Identification of the encryption showing that it is Seca 2(CAID 0100), but this is not exactly this system but some kind its mutation (prov. ID4101 and various ECM).
    Digital+ subscribers will receive new cards (therefore new prov. Id) already in February 2005.
    In this way Nagravision overlay for Seca 2 (called Cardmage or Cardmagedon also) will be officially introduced.
    It is very similar to Nagravision Aladin, which will be introduced by Cyfrowy Polsat. In both cases entered changes are to block common piracy of Digital+ and Cyfrowy Polsat packages.

    Moreover, if such manoeuvre will become a success in Digital+, similar changes might be introduced by Cyfra+ Polish package, currently encrypted in Seca 2.
    Sky Italia will change Seca 2 for NDS-VideoGuard. Experts on the subject are suspecting, that on March - May period Seca 2 piracy will be blocked.
    Polish Cyfra+ is already preparing the surprise for pirates...

    Television channels of three disgital package encrypted in Seca 2 are available in pirate reception on large number of FTA/CI receivers. Recently Globo, Opticum and Digital receivers allowes pirate reception of Seca 2 channels.
    However they won't beat popularity of Ferguson, DSR, Humax IRCI, Samsung 9500VIACI and Dreambox receivers.

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    @- R E S P E C T [email protected]
     [email protected]@Team 
    @[email protected]
    @[email protected]

    P.S.: A tinut cam mult minunea. Bucurati-va de ea putinele zile cat mai merge!

    Este o vorba veche, care s-a si confirmat pentru noi pana acum, "ce este facut de om tot un om va desface", iar convingerea mea este ca mereu va fi cate ceva de facut si pentru noi, sub soare.
    Chiar dupa aparitia DTH-ului, vor ramane destui pasionati care nu vor dormi noptile, cautand solutii la probleme.
    "Speranta moare ultima"!
    Sa auzim numai de bine!
    2 x 1,2m/offset+offset 0,85 si de 0,6m; ProLink/USB+SS2+SS2/USB; Strong 4400 cu Via+Irdeto1.06; Humax F1 FTA; 2 x Hyundai Digitv.
    TOTUL se plateste !


      Fie-ti gura aurita! Sper sa nu fim nevoiti sa ne uitam doar la "gratuitati". Eram atat de fericit ca mi-am cumparat o placa... Best!
      I am another brick in the human wall!


        Raman gratuite MBC2 si MBC4 asa ca nu va mai plangeti si cele doua programe fac cat tot DTH RCS.



          ce mbc33-4 aurel ca eu inca nu am auzit de ele unde is >0 poate ma lamuritzi si pe mine no offence


            Pe ArabSat 26E gasesti cu subtitrare in araba:
            1. MBC2 primul canal de filme FTA programul la http://www.2onthenet.com/
            2. MBC4 canal de seriale
            3. One TV filme si seriale programul la
            4. AlRai mai rar cate un film in engleza restul araba


            PS: ora Romaniei este UAE-1 sau GMT+2


              Bye bye seca!

              Ne luam adio de la seca2 da mai sapam putin la shlcrypt si dam de lumina asa ca relax ....