EON pe THOR2 din 15 Februarie ENJOY!

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    EON pe THOR2 din 15 Februarie ENJOY!

    .. pentru pasionatii EON, iata cateva vesti bune:

    Dear EON Boards, dear EOL Members,

    I am delighted to communicate to you today that thanks to the invaluable
    support and loyalty of the EON Boards, the EOL Members, the EOL File Fetch
    Community, and EOL ASBL (the non-profit organization and predecessor to
    Europe Online Investments), we have collectively found a way to
    continue to offer the EOL File Fetch, e-lert, and customer email services
    via satellite.

    Tests on the new satellite will commence one week from now, 15 February
    and will last for one month in order to give all potential users of the
    service the possibility of seeing whether they can capture the satellite

    All who had a valid password for the EOL File Fetch Service and e-lert
    service and/or customer email as of 23 July 2004 will be able to be
    eligible to partake in the test. All you will need to do as of 15
    February is go to http://www.europeonline.net and put in your normal EOL
    FF password to access the service.

    During this time, the regular EOL File Fetch and e-lert services with 1 GB
    per month allocation will be offered along with a 1 GB File Zone
    (increased from 700 Mbps to respond to popular demand).

    The satellite that the EOL File Fetch and e-lert services will first be
    offered on is THOR II

    It is also being envisaged at a later time and depending on the initial
    take-up, that the EOL File Fetch and e-lert services could be extended to
    THOR 3 which has a more southern coverage. We understand that some may
    not be able to receive THOR 2. We will continue to try and work on a
    solution for this. In addition, after the test period, it is envisaged
    that the DSL Digital Library and Video on Demand service will be
    re-instated on the Thor satellites if there is enough demand for them.

    THOR II is owned and operated by Telenor, (http://www.telenor.com).
    Telenor has committed to providing satellite capacity and Internet
    backbone for a minimum of 18 months for the EOL File Fetch and EOL e-lert
    Services from 15 February, 2005. After the test period and depending on
    the take-up, we will allocate the necessary bandwidth in order to provide
    a level of service equal to the service enjoyed by the EOL File Fetch
    Members, where queues do not exceed 24 hours. We will start the test
    month with 2 File Fetch streams at ca. 2 MB each with capacity also for
    the e-lert and overhead.

    The satellite capacity and Internet backbone capacity can be extended
    within 24 hours notice, if the demand and the ability to receive the
    signal is so great that this is necessary. It is also important to
    communicate to
    your boards to let us know if you would like to have the service but are
    in a region where it is not possible to receive the signal.

    During the test period, we will be in touch with you to see if you can
    receive the signal and look forward to receiving your feedback, which will
    be very important. It is envisaged that the yearly membership dues for
    the EOL File Fetch service will be 180 Euros paid up front and 20 Euros
    per month if a monthly payment method is chosen. This will however be
    confirmed throughout the course of the month from 15 February to 15 March.

    In closing, I would like to thank all of you and in particular the
    management of the EON Boards who have worked daily with all stakeholders
    in order to continue the provision of the EOL File Fetch and e-lert

    Candace Johnson

    iata cat acopera Thor 2

    va fi o sarbatoare a firii download FF si DTH romanesc pe acelasi satelit

    DRACI ... Nu-l mai pensioneaza odata satelitul ala ... Ca n-am semnal de la el ...


      *gresit locul*
      www.satlex.net - Infos zum Satellitenempfang


        Nu stiu daca este reala treaba ,dar pe site-ul lor este dat Eutelsat W3 ,in nici un caz Thor. Chiar acum sunt pe site si se dau si date tehnice si mesajul lui Candace Johnson. NU scrie nimic despre Thor... http://www.europeonline.com/en/compa...s/patent.shtml
        I am another brick in the human wall!


          pe eutelsat au fost si a ramas navigarea acolo.acum conform noilor informatii se muta pe thor2 dar la cat de serioasa a ajuns firma sunt curios cati vor risca sa faca abo.