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    stie careva care-i shpilu cu satTorrent? http://www.broadsat.com/en/opensky/services/sattorrent/

    SatTorrent is a special service offered exclusively by Broadsat as your personal file request system.

    All you have to do is enter the URL (http or ftp). You will receive the requested content offline (without being connected to the Internet) at a speed of 2 Mbps.*

    The Beta Testing Phase of the new SatTorrent service has begun on transponder W3 C12 with a file download limit of 750MB. Several users have already been selected for the Beta Testing and they will be sent instructions by e-mail.

    Notes and suggestions on the service will be published in the SatTorrent section of our official forum.

    The requests for the Beta Testing Phase have outnumbered the available subscriptions. We will do our best to increase the number of Beta Testers as much as we can. After the Beta Testing, the service will be available to all Broadsat users upon request.

    To use the service:

    install Broadsat's OPENSKY™ Client on your PC
    activate a SatTorrent subscription on your OPENSKY™ account
    leave your PC on and tuned on transponder C12 for receiving data via satellite

    *The estimated download time may vary depending on the availability of the server, the request time, the total amount of the requests and of the ISP users. Further delay may be caused by scheduling. During the beta testing, the speed may be less than 2 Mbps, due to tests being performed.

    Clientul este aici

    Pare interesant ..........


      beton nu? sa speram ca mere ca eol ii cam gata....


        streamul ce a cazut de la eon a fost preluat de sattorent. Din pacate merge doar le 1mbps atm.
        in weekend va intra si al downlea stream asa ca vom vedea cum se descurca sattorrentu cu multistream.
        Mai sunt ceva probleme cu aducerea fisierelor mari de pe torrent si livrarea lor corecta, dar in rest se misca bine.
        Aplicatia e de rahat interfaza slabuta, deocamdata se poate face share dar doar intre bettesteri. Anunturile sunt de forma
        iar continutul apare in satkiosck la others.
        Pina una alta se spera intr-o functionare corecta a systemului de push dupa care va fi vreme si pentru aplicatii mai frendly.


          protectia e suficient de mare de data asta, asa ca fara abonament nu se poate utiliza