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Kathrein UFS 910 HDTV Linux Receiver

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    Kathrein UFS 910 HDTV Linux Receiver**

    O fi ceva de capul lui? Fiind un receptor pe linux cred ca poate fi patch-uit pt. sharing. Costa 340 E .

    La primul link nu se pot scrie t si k. In locul celor doua stelute ** tastati t si k

    // t k

    L-am gasit la Kathrein Romania la pretul de 267 euro fara tva. Am facut comanda si mi-l aduce peste o luna. Fiind prea nou, intarziera se datoreaza procesului de fabricatie. Urmeaza sa iasa la iveala un nou stoc in luna aprilie.
    Eu zic ca merita pt. ca e pe Linux(emulare+sharing pe viitor), are port pe USB prin care o sa se faca captura video pe hdd, update de soft. Are un pret foarte bun fata de Dream care nici macar nu a aparut pe HDTV. In plus KATHREIN e o firma cu traditie si fac tot felul de scule profesionale.
    Abia astept sa-l testez.


      Daca pana vine in Ro. cineva din Germania il testeaza intre timp, il rugam sa ne dea amanunte aici pe forum.
      Offset Emme Esse (Alu.) 1.25
      Offset Emme Esse (Alu.) 1.15
      Prime focus (Alu) 1.50m, 1.90m
      Offset 1.50m Fe, Triax TDS 1.10m, Visiosat BIG-BISAT, TechniSat SATMAN 85cm, Gibertini OP100L, etc
      Offset (Camping), Triax BSKYB (72x58 cm), etc
      DM 800 HD V2, DM 500 V2, DM 800 HD, Amiko X-Finder, GigaBlue 800 HD, Sab Sky 4800 Mini Hd,
      Abo: Focussat, Dolce, HD+, TivuSat, Freesat, etc.
      TechniSat MultyMedia TS 1, Televes DAT HD, DIGIALITY OUTDOOR ANTENNA, etc


        Ar mai fi ceva ...

        Nu are interfata de retea ! ( ethernet) asa ca sharing prea ! cel putin asa reiese din caracteristicile tehnice ale firmei ...

        Primele teste !

        we have a test equipment of UF 910 in silver and I find it look actually quite wertig. To the functions: So far with us no crashes and we find that the equipment has a clear structure of menu and menu guidance. Only during the treatment of transmitters there are problems: several transmitters do not have the the same program places and shifts are only very with difficulty possible or. Further the option key does not function to you for the Pr ****** ** channels. : The SD image quality is very good and also with hp transmitters very tidy. We must test the image quality however again in the direct comparison with other hp Receivern.

        I have the software 1,01 drauf and these run so far absolutely stably, no crashes. The USB of connections I cannot test, there these only for software update for the time being be available and updates am to me at present not at the disposal. Also I cannot test the LAN connection, there no menu option in the equipment and/or external PC software available


          1x Ethernet schnittstelle

          Imi pare rau sa te contrazic dar uite ce scrie in specificatiile de la nemti:
          Linux Basierendes Betriebssystem
          3x USB 2.0
          1x Ethernet schnittstelle
          2x Common Interface
          1x HDMI Schnittstelle

          16-stelliges alphanumerisches Display zur Anzeige von Programm-Namen und Sendeinfos
          4000 Programm-Speicherplätze Kathrein-Komfort-EPG mit Timer-Programmierung ¹
          Common Interface für zwei CA-Module
          HDMI-Ausgang für den Anschluss an ein HDTV-fähiges TV-Gerät
          Optischer Audio-Ausgang für Dolby Digital-Datenstrom (AC 3)
          Cinch-Buchsen für AV-Signal (Composite-FBAS, Stereo-Audio)
          Ein USB 2.0 an der Gerätefront und zwei USB 2.0 an der Geräterückseite für SW-Update mit einem USB-Stick
          Multifunktions-Einstellregler an der Gerätefront zur praktischen Bedienung am Gerät
          FBAS-, RGB- und Y/C-Signalausgang über Scart-Buchse programmierbar
          Für Software-Update (für Betriebs-Software und Programm-Liste getrennt) über Satellit und mit USB-Stick geeignet
          Sprachauswahl bei mehrsprachig übertragenen Sendungen
          Automatische Einstellung von Datum und Uhrzeit über DVB-Datenstrom
          Bildschirm-Einblendung (OSD) in 8 Sprachen (D, GB, F, I, E, CZ, NL, TR)
          1.0-Steuersignal und SCR-Einkabelsystem-Steuersignale (ab 1. Quartal 2007)
          Betriebssystem auf LINUX basierend
          Offset Emme Esse (Alu.) 1.25
          Offset Emme Esse (Alu.) 1.15
          Prime focus (Alu) 1.50m, 1.90m
          Offset 1.50m Fe, Triax TDS 1.10m, Visiosat BIG-BISAT, TechniSat SATMAN 85cm, Gibertini OP100L, etc
          Offset (Camping), Triax BSKYB (72x58 cm), etc
          DM 800 HD V2, DM 500 V2, DM 800 HD, Amiko X-Finder, GigaBlue 800 HD, Sab Sky 4800 Mini Hd,
          Abo: Focussat, Dolce, HD+, TivuSat, Freesat, etc.
          TechniSat MultyMedia TS 1, Televes DAT HD, DIGIALITY OUTDOOR ANTENNA, etc


            Asa este ...

            This section provides a brief description of all the controls, displays and connections. The button symbols
            presented here can also be found in the description of the operating steps.
            Front panel controls and displays
            1. Common Interface for two CA
            modules for Pay-TV cards *)
            2. USB 2.0 port
            3. V-format button for picture format
            selection (576p/720p/1080i)
            4. Menu button to call up or exit
            menus or sub-menus
            5. Options button to call up the
            manual sound selection menu
            6. Exit button for quitting the menu
            7. Multifunction control
            Rear panel controls and displays
            1. On/Off switch (with mains disconnect)
            2. Mains power cable
            3. RS 232 port (for Service only)
            4. Optical data stream output (SPDIF/
            Sony Philips Digital Interface Format)
            for Dolby Digital AC 3 audio
            5. Ethernet port
            6. HDMI socket for connection to a TV set
            7. 2 x Scart sockets (TV connection above,
            VCR-/AUX connection below)
            8. 2 x USB 2.0 ports (USB-A connectors)
            9. 3 x Cinch connections (composite colour video
            output above,
            L/R audio outputs below)
            10. 3 x Cinch connections for component outputs
            11. 2 x SAT-IF connections (input above,
            loop-through output below)
            *) CA modules and Pay TV cards are not





              Despre sharing si emu am gasit ceva :


              Daca poate sa traduca cineva?
              Eu zic sa avam putina rabdare.


                Am cautat in Berlin Kathrein-ul asta si nu l-am gasit nicaieri. Toate alte tipurile de Kathrein, dar 910 sufletul. Voiam sa-l iau de acolo.
                Chestia de tradus m-ar interesa si pe mine. Varianta a doua ar fi sa asteptam Dreamul 8000?


                  Apare in aprilie. Atunci il primesc si eu de la Kathrein Romania.


                    pret informativ 260 EUR TVA inclus...


                      Originally posted by pauldemon View Post
                      Apare in aprilie. Atunci il primesc si eu de la Kathrein Romania.
                      Luna aprilie aproape a trecut, ceva vesti? L-ai primit, cum merge, impresii?


                        Nu l-am primit inca.


                          Vreau sa ma bag si eu in gasca voastra ) , asadar astept cu interes primele impresi.
                          Daca receptorul are tot ce scrie in specificatii , dreambox-ul 8000 o sa aiba ceva probleme...
                          ... si pina la urma nu le strica o mica concurentza...



                            Singura problema a Kathrein-ului ar fi Diseq1.0 (adica fara motor)


                              Pana il iau saptamana viitoare de Romkatel am tradus din germana in engleza cu de la
                     acest review :
                              AREA DVD TEST: HDTV Sat hDTV-Sat-Receiver Kathrein of UF 910 SI (2/2)

                              Satellite selection and DiSEqC support: The Kathrein kathrein-Receiver is delivered with a pre-programmed transmitter list for Astra, which also already contains the German HDTV programs. With the first installation the existing Sat positions are queried and when desired directly a transmitter browsing is accomplished. The configuration is limited to maximally four different Sat positions, since the receiver controls only DiSEqC 1,0, but not extended DiSEqC minutes for extensive multi-switch plants or for the controlling of a rotor. An actualization on DiSEqC 1,1 is however at least in planning. The satellite list contains many important Sat positions in Europe, however e.g. not 1° covers west, where the Scandinavian Canal+ hp is radiated, which offers an unencrypted demo program in very good quality for test purposes during the day. Adding new satellites is not also possible, only from the selection of the satellites existing in the list can a desired position be selected. Here one can help oneself in an emergency to that extent however, by selecting a not used satellite, entering with the manual browsing a well-known frequency and starting afterwards a network browsing, which finds all transmitters on the actual Sat position in the ideal case.

                              For a browsing of all freely receiptable transmitters on Astra the Kathrein needed three minutes and 39 seconds. For the network browsing the receiver needed six minutes and 38 seconds. The switching times are somewhat long. Here the receiver shows a picture after a transmitter change only after approximately two and a half seconds again. With HDTV transmitters the receiver of approximately three and a half needs seconds.

                              Display formats: The Kathrein kathrein-Receiver permits the image output in 1080i, to 720p, 576p. 576i is usable only over the SCART socket as Composite video or s-video-signal. The different dissolutions can be changed with pressure on the green symbol-Taste of the remote maintenance during operation. Additionally also still is at the equipment a v-format key.

                              EPG: The electronic program leader is arranged exemplary. The load times for the program information fail very briefly and the information are prepared very clear. Beside the usual transmitter overview one receives an individual preview for the program plan of a selected program on push of a button also. Since the TV program is faded in in a small window, one can navigate in the EPG, without missing something. Not naturally is also the search function, which permits it to scan all programs for references. All menus are optical responding arranged and due to their large and well readable writings even on smaller screens or from larger distance well readable.


                              The remote maintenance is arranged despite the many keys still very clear. Both the symbols and the inscriptions are well readable and the use of different colors make the operation likewise simple. The multi-function wheel on the front side of the equipment permits also a controlling of the basic functions without remote maintenance. The transmitters are changed by the rotation of the Rades. If one presses briefly on the wheel, then the Recevier switches between radio and television mode. With longer pressure the Kathrein switches into the Standby enterprise.

                              For boats needs the Kathrein kathrein-Receiver approximately 35 seconds. Thereby it is insignificant whether the receiver is started directly over the power switch on the back or in the Standby was before, why one should separate the receiver also directly currentsaving completely from the net.

                              The organization of the transmitter lists is very simply possible. The receiver is delivered directly with several favorite lists before-configured, to which one can add further transmitters by push of a button in addition.

                              Altogether the Kathrein kathrein-Receiver exhibits very good user ergonomics, how they offer otherwise only few manufacturers on the German market. Both the keys on the remote maintenance and the menus are well readable and by the missing premiere certifying exhibit the receiver also no restrictions, which prevent e.g. the arbitrary sorting of the transmitters.

                              Receipt and image quality

                              The browsing on Astra 28.2° east folds with the Kathrein kathrein-Receiver only in the second approach. Because in the basic adjustment the LNB type "Wideband" was falsely assigned to this Sat position in place of "universal", whereby the LNB on other frequencies searches than those, which the receiver should actually use. The receiving powers Kathrein kathrein-Receiver are however in any case well. Also with 40 a cm antenna could be received the German HDTV transmitters problem-free. This makes possible it also to receive HDTV programs over a small Sat antenna on the balcony.

                              The test routine BBC hp represented the Kathrein kathrein-Receiver as sharply as so far still none of the tested HDTV hDTV-Receiver. The outlines of the Senderlogos were represented pixel-exactly and HDTV pictures e.g. of "planet Earth" offered a correctly sharp and plastic picture, which details small into the corners hair sharp represented and for the correct "Wow" effect provides, which one expects from HDTV, what the receivern of Homecast, tested last , and Topfield did not succeed completely in such a way with this full sharpness and brilliance. Also the Kathrein kathrein-Receiver with microscopically sharp details and without any recognizable Macken shows films like "Sin town center" or "Madagascar" on the Scandinavian Canal+ hp. The picture works thereby always very plastic and high-contrast. In the down-scaled 720p-Einstellung loses the picture minimum at sharpness, works thereby however still very plastic. There is not a mechanism mode, which always adapts the picture to the transmission dissolution.


                              Normal TV material in Pal run solution wins by the high scaling at sharpness and over HDMI in the 1080i-Modus is best represented. Senderlogos are illustrated sharply like PC diagrams and to 16:9-Ausstrahlungen to offer a quality, which is comparable with DVD level. With it light stair samples arise only rarely. In the direct comparison the 720p and 576p-Darstellung show less sharpness. A normal 576i-Signal does not spend the receiver over HDMI, why no comparison is possible whether the high-scaled 1080i-Bild looks also better than the original Pa L signal, which works somewhat in a diffuse way with 576p-Darstellung. The normal 576i-Anzeige via SCART is at least comparable with the high-scaled 1080i-Bild, although with our test equipment no s-video-expenditure was possible and thus only a normal Composite video signal could be compared with the 1080i-Ausgabe.


                              The Kathrein kathrein-Receiver offers a outstanding HDTV picture, which represents even finest details still hair sharp. So highly detailed so far still none was the FTA fTA-Receiver for HDTV programs, tested by us, via satellite. At the same time one did not neglect and offers the ergonomics with the development also a very simple control concept with well readable menu inscriptions. Also the remote maintenance is arranged very clear.

                              If the Kathrein kathrein-Receiver should receive over a software update also still the possibility of noting HDTV programs on external USB non removable disks then this became again clear the receiver revaluations. Because there is not the comfort, which households with non removable disk recorders for the satellite reception can already use for years, so far for HDTV for lack of photograph possibility.

                              The Sat DXer will disturb itself something at the reduced configuration options, because for comprehensive multi-feed plants and spinners the receiver is unfortunately suitable at the present time. An update for DiSEqC 1,1 however at least already is in planning.


                              * Sensitive tuner
                              * Exzellente HDTV image quality
                              * Good first installation menu
                              * No user restrictions by premiere certifying
                              * Simple operation
                              * Very good menu and EPG representation


                              * No DiSEqC 1,1 and 1.2
                              * Reduced satellite list
                              * Antenna sockets with restrictions for larger cable diameters

                              Feature in the overview

                              * HDTV CI cI-Receiver
                              * Receipt after DVB s standard in MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and H.264
                              * Expenditure in 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i
                              * 2 Common of interface pits for re-tooling all usual PayTV modules
                              * Compatibly to DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 (USALS)
                              * SCPC and MCPC receiptable of C/Ku volume
                              * Frequencies for SMATV adjustable
                              * Memory for 5000 TV- and radio programs
                              * Quick switching times (< 1 sec..)
                              * Support of several languages
                              * Treatment of channel lists
                              * Up to 30 favorite lists to ever 100 programs providable
                              * Picture in diagram function (PIG Picture in Graphic)
                              * Genuine color menu (OSD on screen display)
                              * Electronic program leader (EPG electronics Program Guide)
                              * Videotex and sub-title support
                              * Protection of children and young people functions for individual programs furnishable
                              * Transmission of the firmware and attitudes from receiver to receiver
                              * 2 Scartanschluesse as well as additionally RCA of Cinch exits
                              * YUV & HDMI video exit for HDTV
                              * VCR timer function
                              * Integrated plays
                              * Optical digital exit S/PDIF for Dolby digital and/or AC-3 audio traces
                              * Multifunktions VFD display
                              * Firmware update over satellite (OTA function) and USB possible


                              Your contribution will be used to pay for our hosting service.