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DM500HD : OpenPLi 7.1Star 20190921 GSt (v6)

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    DM500HD : OpenPLi 7.1Star 20190921 GSt (v6)

    DM500HD : OpenPLi 7.1Star 20190921 GSt (v6)

    - OpenPLi 7.1star by Japhar Team, September 21st 2019
    - Python 2.7.13
    - GStreamer
    - EPGImport Built-in
    - AC3+/DDP/EAC3 support
    - Feeds online (For Wifi/DVB-T Dongles)
    - DVB-T USB, Trial Tuner, from JAM (Hauppauge, A867, etc)
    - Wifi Realtek, Ralink, Mediatek Supported
    - IPTV Support with Built-in
    1300 Free To Air FREE IPTV Channels from their broadcaster
    100+ VoD Free To Air Public Domain Movies and more coming soon (Charlot, Keaton, etc)
    - JAM 5.3 built-in (Plugins/Addons)
    - Japhar Sim Required
    - Support by Japhar Team
    - Due to low Flash memory (1 Mb), you need to move the /usr/lib folder into an external Flash Memory USB Stick.

    MEGA DM500HD Japhar :
    Kathrein UFS-910, DM8000, DM800se, DM500HD, DM800, DM7025, DM7020si, DM500s
    Subscriptions : C+/CSat, TNTSat, FranSat, Sky UK, Freesat UK, Sky IT, Swiss TV, Tivusat, Rai