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Ka band-Receptie in banda ka

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    Ka band-Receptie in banda ka

    citeva bunaciuni:



    avem si preturi:

    The price of the parts is as follows:

    OMT single or dual polarity: $ 85
    Offset feedhorn: $ 125-155
    FedEx shipping: ca. $ 155 (no other shipping option available, no negotiation!)

    The price of offset feedhorn varies as the very first information I received was that the price is $ 155, but I bought it on my second purchase for $ 125. I don`t know whether I got a discount as I was ordering more or they just lowered the price. So count with $ 155 but hope for $ 125 if you go for it.

    For those with lots of money in their pocket the company can also deliver Seavey PrimeFocus feedhorns with f/D 0.35 to 0.42. Unforunately for many of us will stay these units out of reach because of their price.

    Seavey FEED-SVY-ESA1818 Dual linear PF feedhorn:
    Price: $ 2700
    Info: http://vikingsatcom.com/product.php?id=262

    Seavey FEED-SVY-ESA1818C Dual circular PF feedhorn
    Price: $ 4300
    Info: http://vikingsatcom.com/product.php?id=263

    Seavey FEED-SVY-ESR1818 Motorized linear system:
    Price: $ 5950
    Info: http://vikingsatcom.com/product.php?id=264

    These units have a 10 14 week lead time.

    By the way if it comes to reception results I`ll stick to my words I`ve mentioned before. My current location is N.Ireland (business duties), but I`ve got all my satellite stuff in Slovakia. That`s why I co-operate with my friend Onacila who`s got everything what is needed.....
    We`ll publish reception results from the available orbit visibility (53W - 96.5E) as soon as my friend is ready to do it. He`s also working at the moment on a PF feed as previously mentioned to get the maximum from his PF 2.5m dish. I`ll post more information as soon as possible.

    ce ne futie, e transportul !

    pentru banda c, o dedicatie pentru nea Septica:





        nu stiu, vedeti ultimele poze ? ma refer la cele doua de mai sus.


          aici se pot comanda, e vorba de trei modele in functie de frecventa. pretul pe bucata 169-179.

          - - - Updated - - -

          ba, aici nu ceteste nimeni ? sunteti toti la balalaika ?


            pozele din postul 2-3 nu se vad
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                  Grav ...lasa bautura si trapatocu sa vedem si noi pozele ca nu avem ochi 8d.


                    avem si feedhornul:

                    Preis: 119,00 EUR
                    Preis inkl. MwSt zzgl. Versandkosten.
                    Nach Bestellung per Vorkasse ca. 6 Wochen Lieferzeit.
                    der Artikel ist in geringen Mengen sofort lieferbar
                    Lagerbestand: 1


                      pune cate 10 poze ca.......2 tot le vedem


                        pentru laor si altii cu vederea slaba:

                        spuneti care poze nu se vad !





                            Twin Ka Circular Dual polarity LNB23mm 19.7-20.2GHz (LO212O GHz)


                            Overview Specifications Product support FAQ & Related Links

                            This pioneering WHITE Ka LNB line was designed to enable reception of the new high bandwidth satellite TV, radio and data services in Ka band that are being launched across Europe. This Twin Ka Circular dual polarity LNB was specifically engineered to meet the reception requirements of Eutelsat for its KA-SAT satellite located on 9 East (e.g. Saorsat Reception of free Irish TV by Satellite). The LNB features two IF outputs and supports connection to two different satellite receivers. The LNB was designed to be used with standard offset antennas of 60-90cm diameter and F/D or 0.6. The feed of this Twin LNB is designed to fit as close as 4 degrees to a allow reception from another satellite over the same dish in Europe (for example - universal Ku LNB receiving the popular Hotbird 13 East). The external diameter of the feed is about 23mm and it is supplied with 40mm ring adapter to ensure compatibility with standard dish antennas. This LNB is using the highest quality components to ensure outstanding and consistent performance and durability and is manufactured under rigorous test conditions and strict quality standards.
                            Main features:
                            • Pioneering LNBF for reception of satellite services over Ka band
                            • High Frequency and Gain stability
                            • Low Phase Noise
                            • Low Noise Figure
                            • Low power consumption
                            • High Cross-Pole performance

                            KA-SAT downlink coverage

                            KA-SAT is the first High Throughput Satellite (HTS) in Europe and marks a new generation of multi-spotbeam
                            high-capacity satellites. It is positioned at 9 East and covers Europe and the Mediterranean basin and has 82 tight Ka-band spot beams across Europe. Source: Eutelsat

                            To learn more on Eutelsat KA-SAT satellite visit: http://www.eutelsat.com/satellites/9e_ka-sat.html

                            The LNB is suitable for the reception of Saorsat - Reception of Free Irish TV and Radio by Satellite. The Saorsat service is available via Ka-Sat @ 9E, using Ka-Band (Left Circular Polarised for Ka-Band on 20.185GHz). To learn more on Saorsat service visit http://www.saorview.ie/