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    cyfra + ?

    I am not reciecving any of the cyfra + channel ....with the new softcam gotton from match 1 files section ..

    even i changed the the key for cyfra+ in softcam with softcam editor ..but still not working configuration is as follows ..

    Skystar 2
    S2emu 1.14
    alt-dvb latest version

    can i watch cyfra+ with match1 softcam on skystar2 ...with s2emu or some other plugins required ?


    Using new seca2/Nagra2 joint technology Calld (Card Mag Don ) card system.

    And using key is 0D this month with hash tabel known.

    And 0D key is 128 bits.

    128 bits Strong encryption.

    Card MCU chip NO : ST-19CF68 (Card Mag DON ) 512 bits strong crypto algo useing this card MCU ( micro controler unit )

    Comming soon r latter no warranty.

    Zypra+ and D+ gone to this new encryption.

    Good bye
    There is no word of IMPOSSIBLE in my dictionary.

    Dreambox 500, Humax 5400Z,Spark DVB 3000 HDD
    One Dish Hotbird,Nail sat, Other Astra 28.2