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    INPUTS- from members.

    I have seen during the past many many months, that members try to puts their inputs by saying that

    "GoalTv can be seen on 3700V27500."

    But they never tell us on what Satellite.

    I would only beg to members that always complete your newflsashes in full:
    1. What is the news flash.
    2. On what Satellite
    3. on what freq.symb/pol.
    PLease remeber that RDI is a International Forum.

    What u say about Satellites in India, Pakistan, or any part of Asia does not mean that the South Pacific, or European members understand your story.
    But, my giving a full story, u will help many members in other parts of the world-of what u are talking about.
    Lastly, always complete the full story of your finds ,so others can understand.
    Thanks for reading my mail.

    HP-Compaq DC5000 MT 1.5GB RAM
    Debian Squeeze with Smargos
    CCcam 2.1.4


      I Completely agree with u JPS, and there is repetition of posts too..


        Further comments

        I am only saying that junior or new members should re-read their articles before they post it.
        In most cases it is not a question, it is a plain statement, of half facts.
        Lastly ,please re-check your inputs before u insert them

        Main points to think about , when posting a question.

        1. What is your technical problem in the equipment.
        2.Name/make of equipment.n model no.
        3.What country u live in and where u purchased it.
        by filling the above gaps, u will make your problems easy to understand, and faster to help u.
        Thanks for reading my mail.