pt cei cu elta 8883/a

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    pt cei cu elta 8883/a

    DVD/DivX player malfunction

    I own Elta 8882A player. It is the very interesting and good player. After I found a way how to implement support for national characters into DivX subtitles and improve other features I was very satisfied with it. But after about half year of using this player, strange things began to happen with it. I am little disappointed now 'cause I found out it has (had) a factory hardware bug. And I think many players will be or already were affected by it. This malfunction occures only by using player for couple of months or maybe years. It depends how offen is player operated and if it is powered off by main switch or by stand-by mode. I myself repaired two Elta 8882A players with the same malfunction, but I suppose that all clones or brands which use the same power supply will act the same. Type of the power supply you can see at the picture below.

    And here is why:

    Because of not proper voltage +5V from power supply board whole player gets strange behavior like picture flickering, endless "Loading" message on display, green LED lit only, playing is slowed down or random skips in DVD movies etc. or player is totaly dead.
    There are two capacitors C20 and C21 on power supply board which are responsible for all strange things. The value of both is 1000uF/16V and this is not enough for such heavy load. I replaced them both for 2200uF/25V and now everything is OK. Also temperature of capacitors is fine now. Before the replacement I couldn't hold my finger on one of them. Now I hope this will not repeat again in future.

    This is power supply board inside player.
    Yellow marked capacitors must be replaced.

    Good luck with repairment.
    But if you can't repair it by yourselves please ask someone who is authorized to do it or better ask service center.