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    Post Protected internet for Children?

    Internet these days is being used by everyone. At my home kids aged 10-15 are using it mostly to youtube there favorite cartoons.
    Although youtube is pretty decent site. The other day i saw some flashy advertisment square shape banners on the right of the frame of stuff that is considered explicit in out society (conservative society).
    so i am looking for a software can let me kown what my kids do online?

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    net nanny, etc.
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    Move the computer to a lounge room or household public area. The trouble starts when it's in a bedroom, and they haven't got any parental control over what there watching.

    Take a lot of interest into what there doing, My Space, Twitter, U-Tube, and most of the other sites young people frequent, can be suspect. Remember it's the internet, and you can be anyone you like.

    As Boknoy recommends install a safe-guard program, if you feel it's needed, and really while it will cost you money, it's a cheap price to pay to keep the kids safe. But nothing beats a bit of parental education.
    regards from OZ bassett

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    As mentioned above it is a dangerous precedent and also a very educative field.
    The best is teach your kids whats good and whats bad, for if they want and the need arises, they will from same net have better counter measures to counter any barriers you put out for them.
    Install the care software, but you are still the guardian - be sure you can always see the screen any time, and not in the bedrooms as suggest Bassett.
    The moment something is wrong you will not be wanted near, and you cannot be there all the time. Plus limit the usage time on computers.
    Educate the children on the bad things on the net even with some real bad examples, and they'll be good people on the net even as grown ups and even when left alone, they will advise others too on the negatives.
    A lock only works for those who understand why it is locked, but for those who dont, they will always duplicate the key to know what is inside.



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