I have a box of sunny made it is clone of koan reciever. It has many type of key.but i tried the biss key of abs1 75'E sattelite, channel home+7 but nething happen . key is lattest. perhaps i make any mistake in inserting provider key .
key is............

Telekanal Domashniy+7 (75.0°E) ABS-1
12640 V 22000 3/4 (ID: 012C)
HEX Key: 12 34 56 00 78 9A BC 00

In my box key is look like this...........
0000000 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

and i insert like this..........
00012C0 00 12 34 56 00 78 9A 00
so pl. say i am right otherwise pl. say how can i put key ?
one anothar thing in key list showing this channel is biss but in my box software showing it standardies system.pl. say what is the service provider key of this channel.