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    Default Help with dish setup

    I want to setup another 1.8m dish.I have some questions.
    1.What kind of instrument(protactor) do I use to set the Polar Main axis angle and the tilt angle.Do I use a regular protactor in a Mathematical set.

    2. I inserted a dielectric plate at the bottom of my current LNB(Super MAX V/H 777 ) and notice that I do not get all the FTA stations on the satellite I am locked on to.The signal just shows about 30%.What could be wrong.

    3.From my Satcodx CD,I was given alist of satellites I can get including Hotbird and Eurobird.From West Africa 6,45N 3,47E, is that possible.

    4.I get only Left/Right polarised signals on my LNB and no H/V polarised signals.Wat could b wrong.I heard u need 2 different LNBs for it.Which type do I need to recieve H/V signals like those on Panamsat 7/10


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    U'll need the a mechanical polarizer because this polarizer refelcts the incoming waves either for H/V or L/R polarization ...... this plate u mentioned will turn from R/L to H/V position through the polarizer.....

    i wouldn't trust always SatCoDX because sometimes it gives just vague reception info ...... for my case the SatCoDX CD telles me i can receive Nilesat with a 80cm but that's not possible ...... rather i need a 140cm or even 180cm to get all Nilesat channels .....

    To set the main Polar axis u should first know ur own location with th coordinates like XX°East ; XX°North ..... once u know ur coordinates u look for the Satellite which is southern most or in other words which has the highest elevation angle for ur loaction/coordinates ...... in my case the coordinates r 9.48°East and 50.78° North so i use the Eutelsat at 10°East to find the polar axis for my dish (polarmount) since this satellite has the highest elevation at my location ...... all the other satellites have a lower elevation angle on the east and west horizon ......

    hope it helps

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    Default How is it

    Saas,I know my location and all the necessary degrees.I just want to know whether I can use a regular protactor to set the degrees.
    Nilesat is within my area.I will try to position my dish to get it .Are those stations on Nilesat nice as most are Arabic?Any showing English Premiership football.If any which one shows it.Are there any Keys for some of the encrypted stations there?My reciever can decode ****** .All I need are Keys.



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