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    Default Some information about Fortec star 5100 plus

    Dear friends
    I compared the firmware of fortecstar model 5100 plus, using a hex comparing utility, and found out some information that I would like to share. I compared firmware "Al7bar CI" ver 2.79 and 2.80 head to head and found out that:
    1. the two files were pretty much the same, except for a big chunk of code, which had major differences.
    2. the first difference was the CYFRA key that had been updated, only to no avail.
    3. the second difference was the change of software timestamp
    4. the third was the change of firmware name: ver 2.79 had a name AL7BAR CI and ver 2.80 had a name BETA V CI
    5. the fourth major difference was a big chunk of code that I could not understand, by just using a hex editor and still remains A SOURCE OF MYSTERY!
    While going through that huge chunk of code I was only able to figure out that that code had been encoded with TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress version When I found about this program, it turned out to be an MPEG II encoder for DVDs and Other MPEG media.
    Another thing I found out was that the bin file is written with a program known as STAPI DEMO rel_ 1.6.0 When I investigated that, I came to know that it is an API programming Interface ( basically a chip programming application) provided by ST Microelectronics for programming its chip softwares. Unfortunately, it was not available for download from any source.
    From this, it is clear that STAPI remains available only to some specific people, either the Fortec people or the AL7Bar team. As reagarding its secracy, I have come to the conclusion that Fortec and AL7Bar MAY BE THE SAME PEOPLE or FORTEC MAY BE SUPPORTING AL7Bar. If this is so then it is a good strategy to sell receivers and claim no responsibility for warranty because as all of us know, original Fortec software does not come with a code menu, and when you want the code menu you have to flash AL7Bar software to the receiver. Fortec says that flashing its receivers with THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE will make the warranty void and AL7Bar, according to Fortec is A THIRD PARTY. So you see how nicely they are earning themselves a profit
    The differences that I have mentioned referred to the STAPI and TMPGEnc express softwares, if anyone has them or knows how to use them please let me and everyone know. We can not afford to rely on HIDDEN people, who, God knows when, will stop supporting our receivers by not writing a software for them.
    I thank you and look forward to your co-operation.
    I am not a master of DVb encryption, but I will try my level best to help you. If I know something, I'll share it, If I don't, I'll say sorry.

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    where is the new firmware for fortecstar 5100 plus



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