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    Thumbs up Providers id list enjoy.

    01000000;01000000 Seca Issuer
    0100FFFF;0100FFFF Seca Issuer
    01000002;01000002 Orbit (Old) (1W/26E)
    01000003;01000003 Canal+ France (Old) (19E)
    01000004;01000004 CSN France (Old) (19E)
    01000005;01000005 Stream (Old) (13E)
    01000009;01000009 CSN/TPS (Old) (13E)
    0100000A;0100000A Prova (13E)
    0100000B;0100000B Premiere (Old) (19E)
    0100000C;0100000C CSD Espana (Old) (19E)
    0100000D;0100000D TVB Superchannel (Old) (19E)
    0100000E;0100000E Canal+ Horizons (Old)
    0100000F;0100000F AB Sat/Cinestar (Old) (13E)
    01000010;01000010 Telepiu/D+ (Old) (13E)
    01000011;01000011 Calcio+ (Old)(13E)
    01000012;01000012 Pro Tv , Equida (Old) (19E)
    01000013;01000013 Canal+ Belgique (Old)
    01000014;01000014 Canal+ Vlaanderen (Old)
    01000019;01000019 Canal Digitaal (NL) (Old) (19E)
    0100001A;0100001A CSAT Parabole Reunion (Old) (16E)
    0100001B;0100001B Seca Unknown
    0100001C;0100001C Mediaset (Old) (13E)
    0100001D;0100001D Cyfra+ (Old) (13E)
    0100001E;0100001E Seca Unknown
    0100001F;0100001F Seca Unknown
    01000020;01000020 C+ Nordic (Old)
    01000021;01000021 Astro Tv (91E)
    01000025;01000025 AB Sat (Old) (13E)
    01000026;01000026 Zee Tv (Old) (105E)
    01000029;01000029 Canal+ Horizons/EuroSport (Old) (13E)
    0100002A;0100002A Mediatech (4W/30W)
    0100002E;0100002E Canal+ Digitaal (NL Cable) (Old)
    0100002F;0100002F Orbit Network (1W/26E)
    01000030;01000030 RAI TV (13E)
    01000031;01000031 Kiosque (Old)
    01000033;01000033 Taquilla (Old)
    01000034;01000034 Palco (Old)
    01000035;01000035 Orbit Network PPV
    01000036;01000036 Orbit Network PPV
    01000037;01000037 Stream (Old)
    0100003D;0100003D AB Sat (13E/19E) (S)
    0100003E;0100003E AB Sat (13E/19E) (S)
    01000064;01000064 Digital+ (Old) (19E)
    01000065;01000065 Cyfra+ (13E)
    01000066;01000066 Digital+ (Old) (19E)
    01000067;01000067 Digital+ (Old) (19E)
    01000068;01000068 Cyfra+ PPV (13E)
    0100006A;0100006A Canal+ Digitaal NL (19E) (S2)
    0100006B;0100006B Canal+ Digitaal NL (19E) (S2)
    0100006C;0100006C Canal+ Digitaal NL (19E) (S2)
    0100006D;0100006D Canal+ Digitaal NL (19E) (S2)
    0100006E;0100006E NSS (57E)
    01000070;01000070 Sky Italia (13E) (Old) (Seca2)
    01000071;01000071 Sky Calcio (13E) (Old) (Seca2)
    01000072;01000072 Sky Italia (13E) (Old) (Seca2)
    01000073;01000073 Sky Italia (13E) (Old) (Seca2)
    01000074;01000074 TVB Super Channel (19E)
    01000075;01000075 Seca Unknown
    01000076;01000076 Canal+ Digitaal NL (Cable) (S2)
    01000077;01000077 Seca Unknown
    01000078;01000078 Seca Unknown
    0100007A;0100007A SCT/Ultra Plus/Luxuria (13E)
    0100007B;0100007B SCT (13E)
    01000080;01000080 Canal+ France (19E) (S2)
    01000081;01000081 Canal+ France (19E) (S2)
    01000082;01000082 Canal+ France (19E) (S2)
    01000083;01000083 Canal+ France (19E) (S2)
    01000084;01000084 AB Sat/CSN/TPS (13E/19E) (S2)
    01000085;01000085 AB Sat/CSN/TPS (13E/19E) (S2)
    01000086;01000086 Pro Tv (16E)
    01000088;01000088 AB Sat/CSN/TPS (13E/19E) (S2)
    0100008C;0100008C Canal+ Satmode
    0100009B;0100009B Seca Unknown
    0100009C;0100009C Seca Unknown
    0100009D;0100009D Seca Unknown
    0100009E;0100009E Seca Unknown
    010000A1;010000A1 AB Sat (13E/19E) (S)
    010000A2;010000A2 AB Sat (13E/19E) (S)
    010000A3;010000A3 AB Sat (13E/19E) (S)
    010000A7;010000A7 Top Up TV (UK) (Terrestrial)
    010000B1;010000B1 Mediaset
    0100010A;0100010A Seca Unknown
    01000184;01000184 Seca Unknown
    010001D5;010001D5 Seca Unknown
    010001D7;010001D7 Seca Unknown
    01000300;01000300 Seca Unknown
    01000333;01000333 Seca Unknown
    01000342;01000342 Seca Unknown
    01004001;01004001 Digital+ Astra (19E) tunneled Nagra
    01004101;01004101 Digital+ Astra (19E) tunneled Nagra
    0100B75A;0100B75A Seca Unknown
    0100BEEF;0100BEEF Sky Italy Fake ID`s
    0100FFFF;0100FFFF Sky Italy Fake ID`s
    05000000;05000000 Viacces Unknown Provider
    0500000B;0500000B Viacces Unknown Provider
    0500000B;05000A00 Viacces Unknown Provider (05000A00)
    05001570;05001570 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05001A20;05001A20 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05001C10;05001C10 Globecast France (7E-8W)
    05002100;05002100 HTB+ Russia (Old)(36E)
    05002500;05002500 Globecast France (13E/19E)
    05005500;05005500 MTV Networks (13E/19E)
    05007000;05007000 AB Sat (Old) (13E)
    05007010;05007010 AB Sat (Old) (13E)
    05007400;05007400 CFI/MCM Belgique (13E-5W)
    05007800;05007800 CSN (13E,19E)/UPC TV (15W) (TPSCrypt)
    05007C00;05007C00 TPS (13E) (TPSCrypt2)
    05008000;05008000 FT Cable (13E-19E) (TPSCrypt)
    05008100;05008100 FTCable (13E) (TPSCrypt)
    05008110;05008110 FTCable C+Fr (19E)
    05008300;05008300 MCM Europe/CSN/ART (13E)
    05008400;05008400 MCM Europe/CSN/ART (13E)
    05008800;05008800 Telia Comhem Sweden(Cable)(13E)
    05008C00;05008C00 Canal+ France (19E) (ThalesCrypt)
    05008C10;05008C10 Canal+ France (19E) (ThalesCrypt)
    05009400;05009400 SRG Swiss (13E)
    05009C00;05009C00 SVT Europa (5E)
    05009C10;05009C10 SVT Europa (5E)
    05009C20;05009C20 SVT Europa (5E)
    05009C30;05009C30 SVT Europa (5E)
    05009C40;05009C40 SVT Europa (5E)
    0500A000;0500A000 BBC Prime (13E)
    0500A100;0500A100 Viacces Unknown Provider
    0500A110;0500A110 Viacces Unknown Provider
    0500A120;0500A120 Viacces Unknown Provider
    0500A800;0500A800 Tele Danmark Selector(Cable)
    0500A810;0500A810 Tele Danmark Selector(Cable)
    0500A820;0500A820 Tele Danmark Selector(Cable)
    0500AC00;0500AC00 HRT Croatia (Old)(13E)
    0500B000;0500B000 TV Slovenija (13E)
    0500B400;0500B400 UBEST
    0500B800;0500B800 TVBS (88E) (Via)
    0500C000;0500C000 C-Skynet (76E)
    0500C010;0500C010 C-Skynet (76E)
    0500C020;0500C020 C-Skynet (76E)
    0500C030;0500C030 C-Skynet (76E)
    0500C400;0500C400 NTV International (13E) (old)
    0500C410;0500C410 NTV+ (36E)(old)
    0500C800;0500C800 Senda (Cable)
    0500C810;0500C810 Senda (Cable)
    0500C820;0500C820 Senda (Cable)
    0500C830;0500C830 Senda (Cable)
    0500C840;0500C840 Senda (Cable)
    0500C850;0500C850 Viacces Unknown Provider
    0500C860;0500C860 Viacces Unknown Provider
    0500C870;0500C870 Viacces Unknown Provider
    0500D400;0500D400 Parabole Reunion (16E)
    0500D540;0500D540 TBS
    0500D800;0500D800 Televisa (43West) (Old)
    0500E000;0500E000 Pacific Tv EASTERN DTH (122E)
    0500E400;0500E400 SCT (Old Viaccess) (13E)
    0500E410;0500E410 Euro Tv SCT (Old) (13E)
    0500E420;0500E420 Musicam (13E)
    0500E430;0500E430 Euro Tv RCT (Old) (13E)
    0500E440;0500E440 Canal 7 Madrid (30W)
    0500E450;0500E450 Retelsat (13E)
    0500E460;0500E460 ST Hilo (30W)
    0500E470;0500E470 Sex View (Old Viaccess)(13E)
    0500E800;0500E800 Globecast Espana/CanalRural (7E)(30W)
    0500E810;0500E810 Globecast Espana RetelSat (7E)(30W)
    0500F000;0500F000 EMI Special (Old Via) (26E)
    0500F520;0500F520 NSAB (5E)
    0500F800;0500F800 Cine+ Cable
    05010C00;05010C00 Viasat (Old Via) (5E)
    05010C10;05010C10 Viasat (Old Via) (5E)
    05010C20;05010C20 Viasat (Old Via) (5E)
    05010C30;05010C30 Viasat (Old Via) (5E)
    05010C40;05010C40 Viasat (Old Via) (5E)
    05011000;05011000 Deepam Tv (13E)
    05011400;05011400 Taipei Tv (97W)
    05011C00;05011C00 EuroSport Int. (13E-7E) (Viaccess)
    05012000;05012000 Cine+ Digital (42E)
    05012010;05012010 Cine+ Digital (42E)
    05012800;05012800 MMBN (88E)
    05012810;05012810 TBL Tv (88E)
    05012C00;05012C00 MCM EuropeC+ Horizons,(13E)
    05013000;05013000 SIC International (16E)
    05013400;05013400 Globecast
    05014400;05014400 Channel Sun (13E)(via2)
    05014800;05014800 Alpha Digital (closed)
    05014880;05014880 Alpha Digital (closed)
    05014C00;05014C00 Television X (13E)
    05015000;05015000 TPS France (13E) (Via2 PC 2.4)
    05015400;05015400 GlobeCast France (13E)
    05016400;05016400 ART (Arabesque) (13E)
    05016800;05016800 Sex View , SexViewPlus (13E)(Via2)
    05016810;05016810 SCT/Ultra Plus/247Sex/DPTV (13E)(Via2)
    05016C00;05016C00 C-Skynet (76E)
    05016C10;05016C10 C-Skynet (76E)
    05016C20;05016C20 C-Skynet (76E)
    05017000;05017000 Trueworld (113E)
    05017010;05017010 Trueworld (113E)
    05018400;05018400 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05018800;05018800 Deepam Tv (13E)
    05018810;05018810 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05018820;05018820 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05018C00;05018C00 Neovisne Tv Hayat (13E)
    05019000;05019000 TVR Cultural (16E)
    05019400;05019400 NSAB (5E)
    05019410;05019410 NSAB (5E)
    05019420;05019420 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05019430;05019430 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05019440;05019440 Viacces Unknown Provider
    0501A400;0501A400 NTV+ Russia (36E) (Old)
    0501AC00;0501AC00 RTV International [13E]
    05020000;05020000 TPS (Viaccess PC 2.5)(13E)
    05020500;05020500 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05020510;05020510 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05020520;05020520 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05020530;05020530 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05020540;05020540 Viacces Unknown Provider
    05020600;05020600 Viasat Baltic (Via PC 2.5) (5E)
    05020620;05020620 Viasat Baltic (Via PC 2.5) (5E)
    05020700;05020700 RTV International (New)[13E]
    05020710;05020710 NTV+ (36E)
    05020800;05020800 AB Sat/CSN/TPS (19E) (Via2)
    05020900;05020900 Sun Tv.UltraBlue (13E)
    05020A00;05020A00 HRT Croatia (13E)
    05020A10;05020A10 HRT Basic (13E) (Seemore)
    05020A20;05020A20 HRT HBO Adria (13E) (Seemore)
    05020A30;05020A30 HRT Private Gold (13E) (Seemore)
    05020A40;05020A40 HRT OiV Custom provider(13E)
    05020B20;05020B20 EMI Special Channel (26E)
    05020C00;05020C00 Sex.Tv/Sex Plus.TV (13E)(Via2)
    05020C10;05020C10 Sex Gay.TV (13E)(Via2)
    05020C20;05020C20 Viacces Unknown Provider [13E](Via2)
    05020C30;05020C30 Viacces Unknown Provider [13E](Via2)
    05020C40;05020C40 Viacces Unknown Provider [13E](Via2)
    05021100;05021100 ART (Arabesque) (13E)
    05021200;05021200 Asianet (13E)/TBL(ST1)(88E)
    05021210;05021210 Asianet (13E)/TBL(ST1)(88E)
    05021400;05021400 Viaccess Unknown Provider
    05021500;05021500 SCT/Ultra Plus & Luxuria (13E)(Via2)
    05021510;05021510 247Sex Tv/DPTV (13E) (Via2)
    05021520;05021520 Musicam (13E)
    05021570;05021570 Sex View/Sex View Plus (13E) (Via2)
    05021700;05021700 Spice Platinum (13E) (Via2)
    05021710;05021710 Spice Platinum (13E) (Via2)
    05021D00;05021D00 Parabole Reunion (16E)
    05021900;05021900 BHT Bosnia TV (13E)
    05021C00;05021C00 Free-X TV (13E-19E)
    05021C10;05021C10 Free-X TV (13E-19E)
    05022100;05022100 Viaccess Unknown Provider
    05022110;05022110 Viaccess Unknown Provider
    05022200;05022200 Televisa (43W)
    05022C00;05022C00 Viaccess Unknown Provider
    05022E00;05022E00 Neovisne Tv Hayat [13E]VIA (PCB 2.5)
    05022E10;05022E10 Neovisne Tv Hayat [13E]VIA (PCB 2.5)
    05022F00;05022F00 DCS 1 Sirius [5.2E]
    05022F10;05022F10 DCS 2 Sirius [5.2E]
    050FF400;050FF400 Issuer (Viaccess)
    05FFFD00;05FFFD00 247Sex/DPTV Issuer (13E)(Via2)
    05FFFF40;05FFFF40 Viasat Issuer (Viaccess)
    05FFFD00;05FFFD00 Issuer 247Sex TV and/or DPTV (13E)
    05FFF400;05FFF400 Issuer Arabesque/TPS (13E)
    05FFF430;05FFF430 Issuer (Viaccess)
    05FFF450;05FFF450 Issuer (Viaccess)
    05FFF4A0;05FFF4A0 Issuer (Viaccess)
    05FFF710;05FFF710 Issuer (Viaccess)
    05FFF7A0;05FFF7A0 Issuer Sex View and/or Sex View Plus (13E)
    05FFF810;05FFF810 Issuer Spice Platinum (13E)
    05FFF820;05FFF820 Issuer (Viaccess)
    05FFF830;05FFF830 Issuer SCT and/or Ultra Plus TV (13E)
    06020000;06020000 Pink Plus, BulSatCom,C+ NL (I2)
    06030000;06030000 ...... Unknown Provider
    06040000;06040000 Nova/LTV/Showtime/SCT/Spice Platinum (I2)
    06060000;06060000 Sex View Plus/247Sex TV/DPTV (I2)
    06080000;06080000 Sex.Tv/Sex Gay.TV/Sex Plus.TV/ZeeTV (I2)
    06180000;06180000 ...... Unknown Provider
    06220000;06220000 AlbaniaSat (16E)/Canal+ NL (19E) (I2)
    06240000;06240000 EURO1080
    06260000;06260000 InXWorld/Redlight Tv(+)/FreeXTV(I2)
    090F0000;090F0000 Viasat (5E) (NDS)
    09190000;09190000 SKY Italia (13E) (NDS)
    09290000;Boom TV (4W)
    09610000;09610000 BSkyB (28E) (NDS)
    09D00000;09D00000 TVP (7E) (NDS)
    0B000000;0B000000 Conax (Thor 1W)-(DigiAlb 16E)
    0B000043;0B000043 Conax
    0B00267A;0B00267A Kiosk PPV
    0B004010;0B004010 Bulgarian Mux(1W)(Conax)
    0B006010;0B006010 Canal+ Nordic
    0B006020;0B006020 Nordic 1
    0B006030;0B006030 Nordic 2
    0B006040;0B006040 Nordic 3
    0B006050;0B006050 TSS
    0B006060;0B006060 Nordic 4
    0D000000;0D000000 ORF (CW)
    0D000040;0D000040 MTV (13E,19E), Nicklodeon NL (19E)(CW)
    0D000080;0D000080 MTV
    0D000400;0D000400 Canal
    0D000C00;0D000C00 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D001000;0D001000 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D002000;0D002000 Slovaklink & Kingstone Imedia (5E)
    0D003000;0D003000 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D005000;0D005000 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D006800;0D006800 BFBS TV (7E)
    0D006C00;0D006C00 BFBS TV (7E)
    0D007000;0D007000 BFBS TV (7E)
    0D008000;0D008000 UPC Direkt
    0D008C00;0D008C00 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D00A000;0D00A000 Cinenova
    0D00B000;0D00B000 Xtra Music
    0D00C000;0D00C000 DigiTurk (7E) (Old)
    0D00C400;0D00C400 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D00C800;0D00C800 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D00CC00;0D00CC00 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D00E000;0D00E000 JSTV
    0D018000;0D018000 Telespazio
    0D015000;0D015000 ChechLink (28E) (CW)
    0D015400;0D015400 ChechLink (28E) (CW)
    0D01E400;0D01E400 ChechLink (28E) (CW)
    0D01E800;0D01E800 ChechLink (28E) (CW)
    0D01EC00;0D01EC00 ChechLink (28E) (CW)
    0D01EF00;0D01EF00 ChechLink( 28E) (CW)
    0D01F000;0D01F000 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D020000;0D020000 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D025800;0D025800 RTL
    0D028000;0D028000 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D028800;0D028800 UPC Direkt (19E)
    0D028C00;0D028C00 UPC Direkt (19E)
    0D02A000;0D02A000 UPC Direkt (19E)
    0D02A400;0D02A400 UPC Direkt (19E)
    0D02A800;0D02A800 UPC Direkt (19E)
    0D030000;0D030000 Czech Link (28E)
    0D030400;0D030400 Czech Link (28E)
    0D030800;0D030800 Czech Link (28E)
    0D030C00;0D030C00 Skylogic
    0D032000;0D032000 Slovak Link (28E)
    0D035000;0D035000 GlobeCast)
    0D035C00;0D035C00 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D036000;0D036000 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D03A000;0D03A000 JSTV/CineNova (13E)
    0D03A400;0D03A400 Czech Link (28E)
    0D03A800;0D03A800 Czech Link (28E)
    0D03AC00;0D03AC00 Czech Link (28E)
    0D03B000;0D03B000 Xtra Music (19E)
    0D03C000;0D03C000 DigiTurk (7E)
    0D03C400;0D03C400 DigiTurk (7E) Lig TV [7E]
    0D03C800;0D03C800 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D040000;0D040000 KabelKiosk/kabelVision (8W)
    0D040400;0D040400 DMC (15E)
    0D040800;0D040800 DMC (15E)
    0D040C00;0D040C00 DMC (15E)
    0D041000;0D041000 DMC (15E)
    0D050000;0D050000 ORF/ATV+ (19E)
    0D050400;0D050400 ORF/ATV+ (19E)
    0D050800;0D050800 Easy TV (19E) (CW)
    0D050C00;0D050C00 ORF/ATV+ and/or Easy.TV (19E)
    0D051000;0D051000 ORF/ATV+ and/or Easy.TV (19E)
    0D054000;0D054000 ORF (19E) (Cwks)
    0D058000;0D058000 ORF (19E) (Cwks)
    0D05C000;0D05C000 ORF (19E) (Cwks)
    0D051000;0D051000 ORF (19E) (Cwks)
    0D060400;0D060400 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D06C000;0D06C000 ITV Partner (16E)
    0D06C400;0D06C400 ITV Partner (16E)
    0D070400;0D070400 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D070800;0D070800 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D070C00;0D070C00 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D071000;0D071000 Cryptoworks Unknown Provider
    0D0C0C00;0D0C0C00 Easy Tv 19E
    0D0C1000;0D0C1000 Easy Tv 19E
    0D0C1400;0D0C1400 Easy Tv 19E
    0D0C1800;0D0C1800 Easy Tv 19E
    17020000;17020000 Premiere Sat (19E) tunneled Nagra
    17220000;17220000 Premiere Kabel (19E) tunneled Nagra
    17620000;17620000 Premiere Austria (19E) tunneled Nagra
    17630000;17630000 Unknown Premiere tunneled Nagra
    18000000;18000000 Nagravision Unknown Provider
    18000001;18000001 Dish Network
    18000101;18000101 Dish Network
    18000801;18000801 Bell ExpressVU
    18000901;18000901 Bell ExpressVU
    18001801;18001801 Via Digital OLD
    18001911;18001911 Mediapark
    18002011;18002011 Unknown Nagra provider
    18002201;18002201 MultiCanal
    18002301;18002301 MultiCanal
    18002C01;18002C01 SABC
    18002D01;18002D01 SABC
    18003001;18003001 ORF
    18003101;18003101 ORF
    18003C01;18003C01 Visavision
    18003D01;18003D01 Visavision
    18004001;18004001 Via Digital (Old)
    18004101;18004101 Via Digital (Old)
    18004201;18004201 RTVE
    18004301;18004301 RTVE
    18004601;18004601 Euskatel
    18004701;18004701 Euskatel
    18004801;18004801 TV Cabo
    18004901;18004901 TV Cabo
    18004A01;18004A01 TBL TV
    18004B01;18004B01 TBL TV
    18004E01;18004E01 Dream TV
    18004F01;18004F01 Dream TV
    18005401;18005401 NTL Cable (UK)
    18005501;18005501 NTL Cable (UK)
    18005601;18005601 Quiero Tv
    18005701;18005701 Quiero Tv
    18005A01;18005A01 TeleWest Cable (UK)
    18005B01;18005B01 TeleWest Cable (UK)
    18005C01;18005C01 C+W/NTL Cable (UK)
    18005D01;18005D01 C+W/NTL Cable (UK)
    18005E01;18005E01 Chorus
    18005F01;18005F01 Chorus
    18006801;18006801 Nagravision Unknown Provider
    18006901;18006901 Fantasma
    18006E01;18006E01 ABS/CBN
    18006F01;18006F01 ABS/CBN
    18007001;18007001 Polsat
    18007101;18007101 Polsat
    18007201;18007201 Nagravision Unknown Provider
    18007401;18007401 Star Digital
    18007501;18007501 Star Digital
    18009401;18009401 Hong Kong Cable
    18009501;18009501 Hong Kong Cable
    18009801;18009801 Shanghai Cable
    18009901;18009901 Shanghai Cable
    1800A001;1800A001 OMNE Cable (UK)
    1800A101;1800A101 OMNE Cable (UK)
    1800A401;1800A401 Antenna Hungaria
    1800A501;1800A501 Antenna Hungaria
    1800C001;1800C001 Globecast World
    1800C101;1800C101 Globecast World
    1800D001;1800D001 Cyber21
    1800D101;1800D101 Cyber21
    18010401;18010401 Premiere (19E) (Nagra 2)
    18010501;18010501 Premiere (19E) (Nagra 2)
    18011001;18011001 DigiKabel (Nagra)
    18011101;18011101 DigiKabel (Nagra)
    18012011;18012011 DigTv [1W] (Nagra 2)
    18012111;18012111 DigTv [1W] (Nagra 2)
    18013001;18013001 ORF (Nagra 2)
    18013101;18013101 ORF (Nagra 2)
    18014001;18014001 Digital+ [30W] (Nagra 2)
    18014101;18014101 Digital+ [30W] (Nagra 2)
    18014801;18014801 TV CABO [30W] (Nagra 2)
    18014901;18014901 TV CABO [30W] (Nagra 2)
    18017001;18017001 Polsat [13E] (Nagra 2)
    18017101;18017101 Polsat [13E] (Nagra 2)
    18205601;18205601 OndaDigital [30W] (Nagra 2)
    18205701;18205701 OndaDigital [30W] (Nagra 2)
    18100000;18100000 Nagravision Unknown Provider
    22E20000;22E20000 National TV [16E] (codicrypt)
    22F00000;22F00000 TV B92 [16E] (codicrypt)
    26000000;26000000 National Geographic [16E] (Biss)
    4A600000;4A600000 RedLightTV,FullX2,FullXM (19E)(skycrypt/icecrypt)
    4A610000;4A610000 FullX1,FullX2 (13E)(skycrypt/icecrypt)
    4A630000;4A630000 FullX1,FullX2 (13E)(skycrypt/icecrypt)
    4A700000;4A700000 INXTC TV, XPlus TV (13E) (dreamcrypt/firecrypt)
    4AA00000;4AA00000 SCT,Ultra Plus TV (13E) (skycrypt/icecrypt)
    4AA10000;4AA10000 SCT,Ultra Plus TV (13E) (skycrypt/icecrypt)
    4AD00000;4AD00000 Free-X TV (13E/19E) (skycrypt/icecrypt)
    4AD10000;4AD10000 Free-X TV 1 (19E) (skycrypt/icecrypt)
    4AD40000;4AD40000 247Sex TV/DPTV (13E) (skycrypt/icecrypt)
    55010000;55010000 Bulsatcom/AthinaSat [39E] (skycrypt/icecrypt)
    hi,friend's this is AJNAABI 4 u!

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    How we can Enjoy with this list ( be specified)

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    Default defined

    nice work, but some requirements should have been added, list of each encryption should have been defined, which providers for seca, viaccess, cryptowork, etc,etc,

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