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Thread: Lista provideri

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    Default Lista provideri

    Pt. cei interesati o lista de provideri (Nagra,Cryptoworks,Viaccess,Seca)


    1800----------000401 Pr****** [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    1801----------000501 Pr****** [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    1801----------000503 Pr****** Star [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    1801----------000505 TVX [Sat-Pos.: 19E] (Alpenglühn)
    1801----------000411 Pr****** Star entavio [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    1801----------000511 Pr****** Star entavio [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    1800----------001001 Kabel Deutschland [Sat-Pos.: 23E]
    1801----------001101 Kabel Deutschland [Sat-Pos.: 23E]
    1801----------001102 Kabel Deutschland [Sat-Pos.: 23E]
    1801----------001103 Kabel Deutschland [Sat-Pos.: 23E]
    1801----------001104 Pr****** International [Sat-Pos.: 23E]
    1800----------001811 Mediapark [Sat-Pos.: 30W]
    1800----------001911 Mediapark [Sat-Pos.: 30W]
    1801----------002111 DigiTV [Sat-Pos.: 1W]
    1800----------002201 MultiCanal [Sat-Pos.: 30W]
    1800----------002301 Multicanal [Sat-Pos.: 30W]
    1800----------003001 ORF [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    1801----------003101 ORF [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    1801----------003B01 Teleclub [Swiss Cable]
    1800----------003C01 KabelKiosk [Sat-Pos.: 8W]
    1800----------003D01 KabelKiosk [Sat-Pos.: 8W]
    1800----------004102 Digital + [Sat-Pos.: 19E, 30W]
    1800----------004201 TVE America [Sat-Pos.: 30W]
    1800----------004301 TVE America [Sat-Pos.: 30W]
    1810----------005644 TV Cabo [Sat-Pos.: 30W]
    1801----------005701 Localia TV [Sat-Pos.: 30W]
    1800----------006E01 ABS-CBN [Sat-Pos.: 75E, 5W]
    1800----------006F01 ABS-CBN [Sat-Pos.: 75E, 5W]
    1800----------007001 Polsat [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    1800----------007101 Polsat [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    1801----------007301 Cablecom [Swiss Cable]
    1800----------007401 Star Digital [Sat-Pos.: 42E]
    1800----------007501 Star Digital [Sat-Pos.: 42E]
    1800----------00A401 Antena Hungaria [Sat-Pos.: 4W]
    1800----------00A501 Antena Hungaria [Sat-Pos.: 4W]
    1810----------00B001 Pr****** Erotik [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    1800----------00C001 GlobeCast
    1800----------00C002 GlobeCast
    1801----------00C101 GlobeCast
    1801----------00C102 GlobeCast (TV Globo)
    1800----------00D101 Cyberstar [Sat-Pos.: 15W, 21W]
    1810----------00F410 TV Cabo [Sat-Pos.: 30W]


    0d00----------000000 MTV [Sat-Pos.: 13E,19E]
    0d00----------000004 MTV [Sat-Pos.: 13E,19E], Nicklodeon NL [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0d00----------00000c MTV Polska, Clasic [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0d00----------000020 Klingston [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0d00----------000065 BFBS [Sat-Pos.: 7E]
    0d00----------0000c0 Digiturk [Sat-Pos.: 7E]
    0d00----------0000c1 Digiturk [Sat-Pos.: 7E]
    0d00----------0000c4 Lig (Digiturk) [Sat-Pos.: 7E]
    0d01----------000004 Czechlink [Sat-Pos.: 23E, 28E]
    0d01----------000050 Czechlink [Sat-Pos.: 23E, 28E]
    0d01----------000054 Czechlink [Sat-Pos.: 23E, 28E]
    0d01----------0000e4 JSTV [Sat-Pos.: 13]
    0d02----------000088 UPC [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0d02----------00008c UPC [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0d03----------000004 Czechlink [Sat-Pos.: 23E, 28E]
    0d03----------0000a0 Fox Kids, E! (BT) [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0d03----------0000b0 Xtra-Music [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0d03----------0000c0 DigiTurk [Sat-Pos.: 7E]
    0d03----------0000c1 DigiTurk [Sat-Pos.: 7E]
    0d03----------0000c4 Lig (Digiturk) [Sat-Pos.: 7E]
    0d03----------000050 Czechlink [Sat-Pos.: 23E, 28E]
    0d03----------000054 Czechlink [Sat-Pos.: 23E, 28E]
    0d04----------000000 KabelVision [Sat-Pos.: 4W]
    0d04----------000004 DMC [Sat-Pos.: 15W]
    0d04----------000008 DMC [Sat-Pos.: 15W]
    0d04----------00000c DMC [Sat-Pos.: 15W]
    0d04----------000010 DMC [Sat-Pos.: 15W]
    0d04----------000014 Kabel!Vision [Sat-Pos.: 4W]
    0d05----------000004 ORF [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0d05----------000008 ORF [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0d05----------00000c ORF [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0d05----------000010 ORF [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0d06----------0000c0 ITV [Sat-Pos.: 16E]
    0d06----------0000c4 ITV [Sat-Pos.: 16E]


    0500----------001540 Telefonica
    0500----------001570 Cine+ Digital
    0500----------001C10 Globecast Fr [Sat-Pos.: 8W, 7E]
    0500----------002500 Globecast
    0500----------004800 FT Cable
    0500----------005500 MTV [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0500----------007000 AB Sat [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------007010 AB Sat [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------007400 CFI\MCM [Sat-Pos.: 13E, 5W]
    0500----------007800 CSN [Sat-Pos.: 13E, 19E] / UPC [Sat-Pos.: 15W]
    0500----------007C00 TPS Fr [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------008000 FT Cable [Sat-Pos.: 13E, 19E]
    0500----------008100 FTCable TPSCrypt [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------008110 FTCable C+Fr [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0500----------008300 CSN [Sat-Pos.: 13E, 19E]
    0500----------008400 MCM Europe / ART [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------008C00 C+ France
    0500----------009400 SRG Swiss [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------009C00 SVT Europe [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------009C10 TVX02 [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------009C20 TVX03 [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------009C30 TVX04 [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------009C40 TVX05 [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------00A000 BBC Prime [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------00A800 Selector
    0500----------00B000 TV Slovenia [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------00B800 Era Bouquet [Sat-Pos.: 166E]
    0500----------00C000 C-SkyNet
    0500----------00D400 Parabole Reunion [Sat-Pos.: 16E]
    0500----------00D540 TBS
    0500----------00D800 Televisa [Sat-Pos.: 43W]
    0500----------00E440 Canal 7 Madrid [Sat-Pos.: 7E, 30W]
    0500----------00E450 Retelsat [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------00E460 ST-Hilo / Canal 7 Madrid [Sat-Pos.: 7E, 30W]
    0500----------00E800 GlobeCast Espana [Sat-Pos.: 7E, 10E]
    0500----------00E810 GlobeCast Espana [Sat-Pos.: 30W]
    0500----------00F000 EMI Special [Sat-Pos.: 26E]
    0500----------00F520 NSAB
    0500----------010C00 Viasat [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------010C20 Viasat NSAB [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------010C30 Viasat Nordic [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------010C40 Viasat Europe [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------011C00 Eurosport [Sat-Pos.: 13E, 7E]
    0500----------012000 Cine+ [Sat-Pos.: 42E]
    0500----------012010 Cine+ PPV [Sat-Pos.: 42E]
    0500----------012810 TBL
    0500----------012C00 C+ Horizons, MCM [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------013000 SIC [Sat-Pos.: 16E]
    0500----------014400 ChannelSun [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------014800 Alpha Digital [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------014C00 TelevisionX [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------015000 TPS France/ART [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------015400 UltraBlue [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------016400 ART/DAN [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------016C00 CSkyNet
    0500----------017010 TrueWorld
    0500----------018800 DeepamTV [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------018c00 NeovisneTV Hayat [Sat-Pos.: 16E]
    0500----------019000 TVR Cultural [Sat-Pos.: 16E]
    0500----------019400 NSAB/Ntv sirus [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------019410 NSAB/Ntv sirus [Sat-Pos.: 5E]
    0500----------01a400 NTV+/V2 HTB+ [Sat-Pos.: 36E]
    0500----------01ac00 RTV International/NTV [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------020800 ABSat [Sat-Pos.: 13E, 19E]
    0500----------020808 CSN [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0500----------020900 UltraBlue, SunTV [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------020a00 HRT Croatia [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------020a10 HRT Croatia [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------020a20 HRT Croatia [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------020a30 HRT Croatia [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------020a40 HRT Croatia [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------020b20 EMI Special [Sat-Pos.: 26E]
    0500----------020c00 ***.TV, Sexplus.Tv [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------020c10 SexGay.TV [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------021100 ARTSport [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------021200 Asianet [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------021210 Asianet [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------021500 SCT, Extasi [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------021510 Don't Panic, 247*** [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------021520 Musicam [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------021570 SexView, SexView Plus [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------021700 Spice Platinum [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------021710 Spice Platinum [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0500----------021c00 FreeXTV, Backroom, XDreamTV [Sat-Pos.: 13E, 19E]


    0100----------00001C Mediaset [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0100----------000025 ABSAT2000 [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0100----------000029 C+ Horizons [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0100----------00002A Antena Hungaria [Sat-Pos.: 4W]
    0100----------00002F Orbit [Sat-Pos.: 26E]
    0100----------000030 Rai [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0100----------000064 CSD [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0100----------000065 Cyfra+ [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0100----------000066 CSD [Sat-Pos.: 19E] <Reserve>
    0100----------000067 CSD [Sat-Pos.: 19E] <Reserve>
    0100----------000068 Cyfra2 [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0100----------00006A Canal+ NL [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0100----------00006B Canal+ NL [Sat-Pos.: 19E] <Reserve>
    0100----------00006C Canal+ NL [Sat-Pos.: 19E] <Reserve>
    0100----------00006D Canal+ NL [Sat-Pos.: 19E] <Reserve>
    0100----------000070 Sky Italy [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0100----------000071 Calcio [Sat-Pos.: 13E]
    0100----------000072 Sky Italy [Sat-Pos.: 13E] <Reserve>
    0100----------000073 Sky Italy [Sat-Pos.: 13E] <Reserve>
    0100----------000080 CSN [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0100----------000081 Canal + France [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0100----------000082 CSN [Sat-Pos.: 19E] <Reserve>
    0100----------000084 NUMERICABLE/Kiosk [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0100----------000085 CSN [Sat-Pos.: 19E] <Reserve>
    0100----------000088 CSN [Sat-Pos.: 19E]
    0100----------0002E2 RAI [Sat-Pos.: 13E]

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    Uite una mai "groasa" :
    00000000;FAKE line
    01000000;Mediaguard CAid
    01000002;(Old) Orbit
    01000003;(Old) Canal+ France
    01000004;(Old) CSN France
    01000005;(Old) Stream
    01000009;(Old) TPS
    0100000A;(Old) Prova
    0100000B;(Old) Mediaset
    0100000C;(Old) CSD Espana
    0100000D;(Old) TVB Superchannel
    0100000E;(Old) Canal+ Horizons
    0100000F;(Old) AB sat
    01000010;(Old) Telepiu/D+
    01000011;(Old) Calcio+
    01000012;(Old) Equida
    01000013;(Old) Canal+ Belgique
    01000014;(Old) Canal+ Vlaanderen
    01000019;(Old) Canal+ Nederland
    0100001A;(Old) CSAT Parabole Reunion
    0100001B;(Old) On Digital
    0100001C;(Old) Mediaset
    0100001D;(Old) Cyfra+
    01000021;(Old) Astro TV
    01000025;(Old) AB sat
    01000026;(Old) Zee TV
    01000029;(Old) Canal+ Horizons
    0100002A;Mediatech (4W)&[EMU]
    0100002E;(Old) Canal+ Digitaal
    0100002F;Orbit (26E/8W)
    01000030;RAI (13E)&[EMU]
    01000031;(Old) Kiosque
    01000033;(Old) Taquilla
    01000034;(Old) Palco
    01000035;Orbit TVMAX (26E)
    01000036;Orbit (26E/8W)
    01000037;(Old) Stream
    0100003D;AB Sat (13E/19E/12W)
    0100003E;(ID.Unused) AB Sat
    01000064;(Old) Digital+
    01000065;(ID.Unused) Cyfra+ VOD
    01000066;(Old) CSD Spain/Digital+
    01000067;(Old) Digital+
    01000068;Cyfra+ (13E)
    0100006A;Canal+ Nederland (19E/23E)
    0100006B;(ID.Unused) Canal+ Nederland
    0100006C;TV Vlaanderen (19E/23E)
    0100006D;TeleSAT Wallonne (13E/19E/23E)
    0100006E;CanalSat Horizons (22W)
    0100006F;(ID.Unused) CanalSat Horizons
    01000070;(Old) Sky Italia
    01000071;(Old) Sky Calcio
    01000072;(Old) Sky Italia
    01000073;(Old) Sky Italia
    01000074;TVB Super Channel (19E/9E)
    01000076;(Old) Canal+ Nederland
    0100007A;(Old) MCT
    0100007B;(Old) MCT
    01000080;CanalSat France (19E-11778V)
    01000081;(Old) Canal+ France
    01000082;(Old) Canal+ France
    01000083;(Old) Canal+ France
    01000084;Numericable-MTV (19E)
    01000085;FTC-MTV (19E)
    01000086;Equidia/Cartoon (13E/19E)
    01000088;(Old) ABsat
    01000089;(Old) CSAT-A LA CARTE
    0100008C;(Old) Canal+ Satmode
    01000091;CanalSatellite Reunion (16E)
    0100009B;Canal+ Belgique/BeTV Wallons (DVBC)
    0100009C;Canal+ Vlaanderen (DVBC)
    0100009D;(ID.Unused) Canal+ Belgique
    0100009E;(ID.Unused) Canal+ Vlaanderen
    0100009F;CanalSat Reunion (16E)/Caraibes (31W/34W)
    010000A0;(Old) AB Sat
    010000A1;(Old) AB Sat
    010000A2;(Old) AB Sat
    010000A3;(Old) AB Sat
    010000A7;TopUp TV (DVBT)[16E]
    010000AB;Astro TV (91E)
    010000AC;(ID.Unused) Astro TV
    010000AD;(ID.Unused) Astro TV
    010000AE;(ID.Unused) Astro TV
    010000AF;Zee Network (105E)
    010000B0;(ID.Unused) Zee Boquet
    010000B1;Mediaset (13E/5W)
    010000B2;(ID.Unused) Mediaset
    01000140;Telecom (DVBC)
    01000141;Telecom (DVBC)
    01000142;Telecom (DVBC)
    01000143;Telecom (DVBC)
    01000144;Telecom (DVBC)
    01000145;Telecom (DVBC)
    01000147;TopUp TV (DVBT)[16E]
    01000156;Tv Numeric (DVBT)[5W]
    01000157;Tv Numeric (DVBT)[5W]
    01000158;(ID.Unused) Tv Numeric
    0100015A;(ID.Unused) Tv Numeric
    01000185;TopUp TV (DVBT)[16E]
    01000403;Satro SK (DVBC)
    01000904;Satro SK (DVBC)
    01003311;CanalSat France (19E)
    01003315;Canal+ France (19E)
    01003317;CanalPro France (19E)
    0100331B;(ID.Unused) CSAT
    0100331D;(ID.Unused) CSAT
    01003341;(ID.Unused) Mediaguard V10.0
    01004001;(Old) Digital+
    01004002;(Old) Digital+
    01004006;(ID.Unused) Digital+ [tunneled SecaNagra]
    01004101;(Old) Digital+
    01004102;(Old) Digital+
    01004106;Digital+ (19E)[tunneled SecaNagra]
    01004108;(ID.Unused) Digital+ [tunneled SecaNagra]
    01005001;(ID.Unused) Digital+ [tunneled SecaNagra]
    01005211;(ID.Unused) MEO ADMIN [tunneled SecaNagra]
    01005221;MEO PT DHT (30W) [tunneled SecaNagra]
    01005225;(ID.Unused) MEO RFU [tunneled SecaNagra]
    0100A821;Numericable (19E/13E)
    0100A825;Canal+ France (19E)
    0100A829;(ID.Unused) CanalSAT
    05000000;Viaccess CAid
    05001540;(Old) Telefonica
    05001570;(Old) Cine+ Digital
    05001C10;(Old) Globecast France
    05002100;(Old) HTB+ Russia
    05002500;(Old) Globecast France
    05004800;(Old) FT Cable
    05005500;(Old) MTV Networks
    05007000;(Old) AB Sat
    05007010;(Old) AB Sat
    05007400;MEZZO/MCM Belgique (13E/5W)&[EMU]
    05007800;SIC Internacional (16E)&[EMU]
    05007C00;(Old) TPS
    05008000;(Old) FTC
    05008100;(Old) CSN
    05008110;(Old) Canal+ France
    05008300;FTC-MTV (19E)
    05008400;(Old) MCM
    05008800;(Old) Telia Comhem Sweden
    05008810;(Old) Telia Comhem Sweden
    05008820;(Old) Telia Comhem Sweden
    05008C00;(Old) Canal+ France
    05008C10;(Old) Canal+ France
    05009400;(Old) SRG Swiss
    05009C00;(Old) SVT Europa
    05009C10;(Old) SVT Europa
    05009C20;(Old) SVT Europa
    05009C30;(Old) SVT Europa
    05009C40;(Old) SVT Europa
    0500A000;(Old) BBC Prime
    0500A800;(Old) Tele Danmark Selector
    0500A810;(Old) Tele Danmark Selector
    0500A820;(Old) Tele Danmark Selector
    0500AC00;(Old) HRT Croatia
    0500B000;(Old) RTV Slovenija
    0500B400;(Old) UBEST
    0500B800;(Old) TVBS
    0500C000;(Old) C-Skynet
    0500C010;(Old) C-Skynet
    0500C020;(Old) C-Skynet
    0500C030;(Old) C-Skynet
    0500C400;(Old) NTV International
    0500C410;(Old) NTV+
    0500C800;(Old) Senda (Cable)
    0500C810;(Old) Senda (Cable)
    0500C820;(Old) Senda (Cable)
    0500C830;(Old) Senda (Cable)
    0500C840;(Old) Senda (Cable)
    0500C850;(Old) Senda (Cable)
    0500C860;(Old) Senda (Cable)
    0500C870;(Old) Senda (Cable)
    0500D400;(Old) Parabole Reunion
    0500D540;(Old) TBS
    0500D800;(Old) Televisa
    0500E000;Pacific TV (122E)
    0500E400;(Old) EuroTV
    0500E410;(Old) SCT
    0500E420;Musicam (9E)
    0500E430;(Old) RCT
    0500E440;(Old) Canal 7 Madrid
    0500E450;(Old) Retelsat
    0500E460;ST Hilo (30W)
    0500E470;(Old) Sex View
    0500E800;(Old) GlobeCast Espana
    0500E810;(Old) Globecast Espana
    0500F000;(Old) EMI Special
    0500F520;(Old) NSAB
    0500F800;(Old) Cine+ Cable
    05010800;(Old) TNS
    05010C00;(Old) Viasat
    05010C10;(Old) Viasat
    05010C20;(Old) Viasat
    05010C30;(Old) Viasat
    05010C40;(Old) Viasat
    05011000;(Old) Deepam Tv
    05011400;ETTV (97W)
    05011C00;(Old) EuroSport
    05012000;(Old) Cine+ Digital
    05012010;(Old) Cine+ Digital
    05012800;(Old) MMBN
    05012810;(Old) TBL TV
    05012C00;(Old) C+ Horizons
    05013000;SIC Internacional (16E)
    05013400;(Old) Globecast
    05014400;(Old) Channel Sun
    05014800;(Old) Alpha Digital
    05014880;(Old) Alpha Digital
    05014C00;(Old) Television X
    05015000;(Old) TPS
    05015400;Globecast France (5W)
    05016000;Globecast (97W)
    05016400;(Old) ART
    05016800;(Old) SexView
    05016810;(Old) SCT
    05016C00;(Old) C-Skynet
    05016C10;(Old) C-Skynet
    05016C20;(Old) C-Skynet
    05017000;(Old) TrueVision
    05017010;(Old) TrueVision
    05018800;Deepam (13E)
    05018810;(ID.Unused) Deepam
    05018820;(ID.Unused) Deepam
    05018C00;(Old) Neovisne TV Hayat
    05019000;(Old) TVR Cultural
    05019400;(Old) NSAB
    05019410;(Old) NSAB
    05019420;(Old) NSAB
    05019430;(Old) NSAB
    05019440;(Old) NSAB
    0501A400;(Old) NTV+ Russia
    0501AC00;(Old) RTV International
    05020000;(Old) TPS
    05020010;(Old) TPS
    05020500;Boxer (DVBC)
    05020510;(ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBC)
    05020520;(ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBC)
    05020530;(ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBC)
    05020540;(ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBC)
    05020600;(Old) Viasat
    05020610;(Old) Viasat
    05020620;(Old) Viasat
    05020630;(Old) Viasat
    05020640;(Old) Viasat
    05020700;(Old) HTB+
    05020710;HTB+ (36E)
    05020800;AB Sat (12W)
    05020810;BiS (13E/5W/19E/12W)
    05020820;BiS PP (13E/5W)
    05020830;(ID.Unused) BiS
    05020840;(ID.Unused) BiS
    05020850;(ID.Unused) BiS
    05020860;(ID.Unused) BiS EXTRA
    05020900;Globecast (13E/7E/5W)
    05020910;SexView/Globecast (13E/9E/7E/5W/40W)
    05020A00;HRT Croatia (13E/5W)
    05020A10;(Old) HRT Basic
    05020A20;(Old) HRT HBO
    05020A30;(Old) HRT Private Gold
    05020A40;HRT CMC (13E)
    05020B20;(Old) EMI Special Channel
    05020C00;(Old) SexTV
    05020C10;(Old) SexTV
    05020C20;(Old) SexTV
    05020C30;(Old) SexTV
    05020C40;(Old) SexTV
    05021000;(Old) TV Lanka
    05021100;(Old) ART
    05021110;ART (13E)
    05021120;(ID.Unused) ART
    05021200;RRSat/TBL (13E/9E/88E)
    05021210;(ID.Unused) RRSat/TBL
    05021220;(ID.Unused) RRSat/TBL
    05021400;pacific/asia provider
    05021500;(Old) MCT/Redlight
    05021510;(Old) 247SexTV/DPTV
    05021520;Musicam (9E)
    05021560;ST-Hilo (30W)
    05021570;(Old) SexView/SexViewPlus
    05021700;Private Spice (13E)
    05021710;(ID.Unused) Private Spice
    05021900;BHT Bosnia TV (16E/12W)
    05021A00;Globecast Spain (30W/7E)
    05021A10;Fox Russia/Globecast PT (36E/12W)
    05021B00;Deepam (13E)
    05021B10;(ID.Unused) Deepam
    05021C00;X Dream/Free-X (13E/10E)
    05021C10;(Old) Free-X/XDreamTV
    05021D00;Parabole Reunion (16E)
    05021E00;pacific/asia provider
    05022010;I-Sky-Net (138E)
    05022040;146-SkyNet (146E)
    05022100;(Old) Vectone
    05022110;(Old) Vectone
    05022200;Televisa (43W)
    05022210;(ID.Unused) Televisa
    05022600;(Old) TPS
    05022610;CANALSAT TPS (19E)
    05022620;(ID.Unused) CANALSAT TPS
    05022900;BBC Prime (13E)
    05022A00;Eurosport (13E/7E/12W)
    05022B00;Poverkhnost (36E)
    05022C00;RTVi (13E)
    05022D00;NTV Mir (5E)
    05022E00;Neovisne TV Hayat (13E/4W)
    05022E10;(ID.Unused) Neovisne TV Hayat
    05022F00;MAX TV (5E/13E/16E/12W)
    05022F10;(ID.Unused) MAX TV
    05023000;SIC Internacional (16E)
    05023100;NSAB (5E)
    05023110;(ID.Unused) NSAB
    05023120;(ID.Unused) NSAB
    05023130;(ID.Unused) NSAB
    05023140;(ID.Unused) NSAB
    05023200;Boxer (DVBT)
    05023210;(ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBT)
    05023220;(ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBT)
    05023230;(ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBT)
    05023240;(ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBT)
    05023600;MCM TOP (19E)
    05023700;HTB+ (36E)
    05023710;(ID.Unused) HTB+
    05023800;SRG Swiss (13E)
    05023A00;[NS] GlobeCast (12W/5W/13E/16E)
    05023A10;MelodyZen (9E)
    05023B00;Satisfaction (13E/9E)
    05023B10;Disney (9E)
    05023B20;TSA (30W)
    05023D00;HTB+ Boctok (56E)
    05024300;Asianet (13E/9E)
    05024400;EliteSupercard/**** (13E/9E/5W/10E/19E/12W/16E)
    05024410;(ID.Unused) EliteSupercard/****
    05024500;SVT Europa (9E)
    05024510;(ID.Unused) SVT Europa
    05024520;(ID.Unused) SVT Europa
    05024700;ICTV/NG (4W)
    05024800;Globecast (97W)
    05024900;CFI (21E)
    05024B00;RTVi (13E)
    05024F00;Max TV (5E/16E/13E/12W)
    05024F10;(ID.Unused) Max TV
    05025100;SexOnTV/RedLight/DontPanic (9E/13E/5W/12W)
    05025110;(Old) MCT
    05025120;(Old) MCT
    05025200;GlobeCast BT
    05025210;Deepam (13E)
    05025800;Football (36E)
    05025900;TVR (16E)
    05025910;(ID.Unused) TVR
    05030100;Eurosport (13E/7E/12W/75E)
    05030600;HTB+ (36E)
    05030700;JSC Sport+ (13E)
    05030A00;HRT (13E)
    05030A10;(ID.Unused) HRT
    05030A20;(ID.Unused) HRT
    05030A30;(ID.Unused) HRT
    05030A40;HRT CMC (13E)
    05030B00;TNT Sat (19E)
    05030C00;Y&S (12W)
    05031000;TV Slovenija (13E)
    05031100;GlobeCast France (19E)
    05031C00;BBC Polska (13E)
    05032000;SexView 12+ (13E)
    05032010;(ID.Unused) SexView 12+
    05032100;(Old) Mir
    05032200;Tv Numeric (DVBT)[5W]
    05032210;Tv Numeric (DVBT)[5W]
    05032300;Motors TV (13E)
    05032500;Private Spice (13E)
    05032820;CSAT (19E)
    05032830;(ID.Unused) CSAT
    05032840;(ID.Unused) CSAT
    05032900;(ID.Unused) Orange TV
    05032910;(ID.Unused) Orange TV
    05032920;Orange TV (19E/13E/5W/12W)
    05032930;(ID.Unused) Orange TV
    05032940;(ID.Unused) Orange TV
    05032950;(ID.Unused) Orange TV
    05032A00;Orange Polska (13E)
    05032A10;Orange Polska CANAL+ (13E)
    05032D20;STAR TV (83E)
    05032D90;ARY (9E)
    05040600;HTB+ (36E)
    05040810;SRG Swiss (13E)
    05040A00;BBC Prime (9E)
    05040A10;(ID.Unused) BBC Prime
    05040F40;Canal+ France (19E)
    05041140;Canal+ Marghreb (26E)
    05041500;ART (7W)
    05041510;(ID.Unused) ART
    05041520;(ID.Unused) ART
    05041530;(ID.Unused) ART
    05041700;X DREAM TV (13E)
    05136660;Connecto (60E)
    05FFF320;Issuer NSAB (5E)
    05FFF400;Issuer GC/ART/BiS/TNT/CSAT/BBC (13E/19E/9E)
    05FFF420;Issuer -
    05FFF430;Issuer SRG (13E)
    05FFF450;Issuer SVT (5E)
    05FFF460;Issuer BBC Prime (13E)
    05FFF4A0;Issuer HRT (13E)
    05FFF4B0;Issuer TVS (13E)
    05FFF4F0;Issuer - pacific region
    05FFF500;Issuer HTB+ (36E)
    05FFF510;Issuer Boxer (DVBC)
    05FFF530;Issuer Televisa (43W)
    05FFF560;Issuer Localia (30W)
    05FFF5B0;Issuer -
    05FFF5F0;Issuer Deepam (13E)
    05FFF610;Issuer -
    05FFF710;Issuer Hayat (13E/4W)
    05FFF720;Issuer TVR Cultural (Old)
    05FFF780;Issuer RTVi (13E)
    05FFF7A0;Issuer Redlight (9E)
    05FFF7E0;Issuer SPI (4W)
    05FFF810;Issuer RL/Private Spice (13E)
    05FFF820;Issuer BHT/MAX TV (5E/13E/16E)
    05FFF830;Issuer Dorcel/SexView (13E)
    05FFF840;Issuer - pacific region
    05FFF860;Issuer -
    05FFF890;Issuer Poverkhnost (36E)
    05FFF8A0;Issuer MAX TV (5E/13E/16E)
    05FFF8F0;Issuer Redlight (9E)
    05FFF920;Issuer JSC Sport+ (13E)
    05FFFA30;Issuer STAR TV (83E)
    05FFFD00;Issuer DP/ST-Hilo (9E/30W)
    06000000;...... CAid
    06020000;ANT1/Pink/Stellar/VIVA (13E/16E/53E/70E/80E)
    06030000;JSC Sport+ (7W)
    06040000;Nova+SCT/TVB+Sex/ABS/Showtime+ART+JSC/CTI/Bulsatcom/DSTV/TVHOME (13E/9E/5W/7W/15W/39E/68E/DVBC)
    06060000;RTV21/teuve (1W/43W)
    06080000;Stream/ZeeTV (75E/13E/100E)
    06100000;SexView (13E)
    06140000;world tv (24W & pacific)
    06150000;SkyLogic (33E)
    06160000;Alfa/Sitel (16E)
    06180000;(Old) inXtc/XPlus
    06200000;dahlia TV (12W)
    06220000;Canal+ NL/Euro1080 (19E/23E/7E)
    06240000;Euro1080 (7E)
    06250000;RRSat/MGM/AXN (16E/10E/75E)
    06260000;(Old) FrenchLover/****
    06280000;SexOnTV/FreeX/RedLight (13E/10E/9E/5W)
    06300000;FrenchLover/FreeX (13E/10E)
    06310000;Dailog TV (45E}
    06480000;ORF (19E)
    06520000;Raduga TV (75E)
    06540000;Poverkhnost (36E)
    06560000;Raj TV (83E)
    06600000;(Old) Ecuador TV`s
    06620000;dahlia TV (12W)
    06640000;Digiturk (7E/42E)
    06680000;Orbit (26E/8W)
    09000000;Videoguard CAid
    090B0000;Foxtel (156E)
    090C0000;yes (4W)
    090D0000;yes (4W)
    090F0000;Viasat (5E/75E)
    09190000;SKY Italia (13E)
    091F0000;Total TV (16E/33E)
    09240000;(Old) STAR TV
    09260000;Get (DVBC)
    09290000;boom (4W)
    092B0000;D-SMART (42E)
    092F0000;Dolce (39E)
    09310000;VisionTV (5E/13E)
    09320000;(Old) GTV
    093B0000;SKY Italia (13E)[NS]
    093E0000;Viasat (5E/75E)
    09440000;TataSky India (83E)
    09450000;Sky Mexico (58W)
    09600000;SKY UK (28E)
    09610000;SKY UK (28E)
    09630000;SKY UK (28E)
    09670000;Reuters (22W)
    09690000;SkyTV (160E)
    096A0000;SkyTV (160E)
    096C0000;Foxtel (156E)
    096E0000;Cable Hot (DVBC)
    09740000;(Old) TVSA
    09790000;Tellytrack (45E)
    09810000;(Old) NBA TV
    09830000;Artear (43W)
    09880000;TVB (108E)
    098E0000;KabelBW (DVBC)
    099E0000;(Old) OTE
    09A00000;(Old) STAR TV
    09AC0000;Astro TV (91E)
    09AF0000;Tele Columbus/KabelKiosk (9E/8W/13E)
    09B20000;TVP HD (19E)
    09C40000;Premiere (19E)
    09D00000;TVP/BTV (19E/16E)
    0B000000;Conax (8W/5W/4W/1W/5E/9E/13E/16E/19E/33E/68E) Volia UA/Satro SK/COMHEM SE [DVBC]
    0B010000;N/Conto TV/RUV (13E/1W)
    0B020000;SexOnTV/Vectra (13E/5W) VECTRA PL [DVBC]
    0BAA0000;Hello HD+/DontPanic/Tring TV (9E/13E/16E)
    0D000000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D000400;(Old) MTV
    0D000800;(Old) MTV
    0D001000;MTV (13E/19E/9E/4W)
    0D001400;(Old) MTV
    0D002000;MTV PL (13E/19E)/Kingstone (5E)&[EMU225]
    0D003000;ESPN (5E)&[EMU225]
    0D004800;MTV Mandarin (68E)
    0D004C00;MTV India (68E)
    0D006400;(Old) BFBS TV
    0D006800;(Old) BFBS TV
    0D006C00;(Old) CNN feed
    0D006D00;(Old) Nilesat feed
    0D008D00;(Old) ART feed
    0D00C000;Digiturk (7E/42E)
    0D00C400;(ID.Unused) DigiTurk
    0D00C800;(ID.Unused) DigiTurk
    0D00CC00;(ID.Unused) DigiTurk
    0D010000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D015000;(Old) Czechlink
    0D015400;(Old) Czechlink
    0D018400;BTV INPS (13E)
    0D01E000;(ID.Unused) JSTV
    0D01E400;JSTV (13E)&[EMU225]
    0D01E800;(ID.Unused) JSTV
    0D01EC00;(ID.Unused) JSTV
    0D020000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D025800;RTL (13E)[FTA]
    0D028000;(Old) UPC Direct
    0D028800;(Old) UPC Direct
    0D028C00;(Old) UPC Direct
    0D02A000;UPC Direct (19E)
    0D02A400;(ID.Unused) UPC Direct
    0D02A800;(ID.Unused) UPC Direct
    0D030000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D030400;Skylink CZ (23E)
    0D030800;Skylink CZ Premium (23E/19E)
    0D030C00;(ID.Unused) Skylink CZ
    0D031000;(ID.Unused) Skylink CZ
    0D032000;(Old) Slovak Link
    0D032400;(ID.Unused) Skylink CZ
    0D032800;(ID.Unused) Skylink CZ Premium
    0D035C00;Turner (19E/13E/39E)
    0D036000;(ID.Unused) Turner
    0D03A000;JETIX (13E)&[EMU225]
    0D03A400;(ID.Unused) JETIX
    0D03A800;(ID.Unused) JETIX
    0D03AC00;(ID.Unused) JETIX
    0D03B000;(Old)Xtra Music
    0D03C000;(Old) Digiturk
    0D03C400;(Old) Digiturk Lig
    0D03C800;(Old) Digiturk
    0D040000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D040400;dmc (15W)
    0D040800;(ID.Unused) DMC
    0D040C00;(ID.Unused) DMC
    0D041000;(ID.Unused) DMC
    0D041400;(Old) KabelVision
    0D050000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D050400;ORF (19E)
    0D050800;Alpenglühen TVX (19E)
    0D050C00;(ID.Unused) ORF
    0D051000;Premiere Austria (19E)
    0D060000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D060400;(Old) ITV Partner PP
    0D060800;(Old) ITV Partner PP
    0D060C00;(Old) ITV Partner PP
    0D061000;(Old) ITV Partner PP
    0D06C000;ITV Partner (16E/13E/9E)
    0D06C400;(ID.Unused) ITV Partner
    0D06C800;(ID.Unused) ITV Partner
    0D06CC00;(ID.Unused) ITV Partner
    0D070000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D070400;Antena Hungaria (DVBC)
    0D070800;(ID.Unused) Antena Hungaria (DVBC)
    0D070C00;(ID.Unused) Antena Hungaria (DVBC)
    0D071000;(ID.Unused) Antena Hungaria (DVBC)
    0D071400;BFBS (7E)
    0D071800;(ID.Unused) BFBS
    0D071C00;(ID.Unused) BFBS
    0D072000;(ID.Unused) BFBS
    0D080000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D081400;AlMajd (30E/26E)
    0D081800;(ID.Unused) AlMajd
    0D081C00;(ID.Unused) AlMajd
    0D082000;(ID.Unused) AlMajd
    0D0A0000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D0A0C00;Halozat TV (4W)
    0D0C0000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D0C0C00;(Old) Easy.TV
    0D0C1000;(Old) Easy.TV
    0D0C1400;(Old) Easy.TV
    0D0C1800;(Old) Easy.TV
    0D0D1000;IKO Kable (4W)
    0D0F0400;GITAL (23E)
    0D0F0800;GITAL Premium (23E)
    0D0F0C00;(ID.Unused) GITAL
    0D0F1000;(ID.Unused) GITAL
    0D220000;Cryptoworks CAid
    0D220400;arenaSAT (19E)
    0D220800;(ID.Unused) arenaSAT
    0D220C00;(ID.Unused) arenaSAT
    0D221000;(ID.Unused) arenaSAT
    0D700400;Skylink SK (23E)
    0D700800;(ID.Unused)Skylink SK
    0D700C00;(ID.Unused)Skylink SK
    0D701000;(ID.Unused)Skylink SK
    0D710400;Romantica (5E)
    0D950400;ORF (19E)
    17020000;Premiere (19E)[tunneled Nagra]
    17220000;KabelDeutschland (23E/19E)[tunneled Nagra]
    17620000;(Old) ORF
    18000000;Nagravision CAid
    18000001;(Old) Dish Network
    18000101;(Old) Dish Network
    18000801;(Old)Bell ExpressVU
    18000901;(Old)Bell ExpressVU
    18001201;(Old) Americas
    18001301;(Old) Americas
    18001811;(Old) Media Park
    18001911;(Old) Media Park
    18001D01;MultiChoice TV Barbados (DVBC)
    18002201;MultiCanal (30W)&[EMU]
    18002301;(ID.Unused) MultiCanal (30W)&[EMU]
    18002C01;SABC (68E)&[EMU]
    18002D01;(ID.Unused) SABC (68E)&[EMU]
    18003801;DCG Swiss (DVBC)
    18003901;DCG Swiss (DVBC)
    18003A01;Teleclub (DVBC)
    18003B01;Teleclub (DVBC)
    18003C01;My TV Africa (68E)
    18003D01;My TV Africa (68E)
    18004001;(Old) Via Digital
    18004101;(Old) Via Digital
    18004201;(Old) RTVE
    18004301;(Old) RTVE
    18004601;(Old) Euskatel (DVBC)
    18004701;(Old) Euskatel (DVBC)
    18004801;(Old) CABO
    18004901;(Old) CABO
    18004A01;(Old) TBL TV
    18004B01;(Old) TBL TV
    18004B11;?spain? (DVBC)
    18004E01;Dream TV (146E)&[EMU]
    18004F01;Dream TV (146E)&[EMU]
    18005401;NTL (DVBC)
    18005501;NTL (DVBC)
    18005601;Quiero Tv (DVBT)[30W]
    18005701;Quiero Tv (DVBT)[30W]
    18005A01;TeleWest (DVBC)
    18005B01;TeleWest (DVBC)
    18005C01;Wireless (DVBC)
    18005D01;Wireless (DVBC)
    18005E01;Chorus (DVBC)
    18005F01;Chorus (DVBC)
    18006801;Fantasma (DVBC)
    18006901;Fantasma (DVBC)
    18006E01;(Old) ABS/CBN
    18006F01;(Old) ABS/CBN
    18007001;(Old) Polsat
    18007101;(Old) Polsat
    18007201;CableCom Swiss (DVBC)
    18007301;CableCom Swiss (DVBC)
    18007401;(Old) DigiFun
    18007501;(Old) DigiFun
    18008C11;Mediaset Premium (DVBT)
    18008D11;Mediaset Premium (DVBT)
    18009401;(Old) Hong Kong
    18009501;(Old) Hong Kong
    18009801;Shanghai (DVBC)
    18009901;Shanghai (DVBC)
    1800A001;OMNE (DVBC)
    1800A101;OMNE (DVBC)
    1800A401;(Old) IKO Kable
    1800A501;(Old) IKO Kable
    1800C001;(Old) Globecast World
    1800C101;(Old) Globecast World
    1800C801;RTN (95W)
    1800C901;RTN (95W)
    1800D001;(Old) dbsxmedia
    1800D101;(Old) dbsxmedia
    1800EE01;b4u movie (68E)&[EMU]
    1800EF01;b4u movie (68E)&[EMU]
    1800F201;RAJ TV (83E)
    1800F301;RAJ TV (83E)
    18010000;ReShareN3 2.25d/Nagravision CAid
    18010101;DishTV (USA)
    18010401;(Old) Premiere
    18010403;(Old) Premiere Star
    18010405;(Old) Premiere Star Erotik
    18010411;(Old) Entavio
    18010501;(Old) Premiere
    18010503;(Old) Premiere Star
    18010505;(Old) Premiere Star Erotik
    18010511;(Old) Entavio
    18010801;Bell ExpressVu (82W/91W)
    18010805;Bell ExpressVu PB (82W/91W)
    18010806;Bell ExpressVu HD (82W/91W)
    18010901;(ID.Unused) Bell ExpressVu
    18010905;(ID.Unused) Bell ExpressVu PB
    18010906;(ID.Unused) Bell ExpressVu HD
    18011001;Kabel Deutschland (23E)&[EMU]
    18011002;UnityDigital/ISH/IESY/KabelBW (DVBC)&[EMU]
    18011101;(ID.Unused) Kabel Deutschland
    18011102;(ID.Unused) UnityDigital/ISH/IESY/KabelBW
    18012011;DigiTV (1W)&[EMU]
    18012111;(ID.Unused) DigiTV
    18012601;CableCom Swiss (DVBC)
    18012701;(ID.Unused) CableCom Swiss (DVBC)
    18013001;(Old) ORF
    18013101;(Old) ORF
    18013811;SouthAmerica (DVBC)
    18013911;(ID.Unused) SouthAmerica (DVBC)
    18014001;(Old) Digital+
    18014002;(Old) Digital+
    18014101;(Old) Digital+
    18014102;(Old) Digital+
    18014601;Euskaltel (DVBC)
    18014701;(ID.Unused) Euskaltel (DVBC)
    18014801;(Old) CABO TV
    18014901;(Old) CABO TV
    18014A11;RGalicia (DVBC)
    18014B11;(ID.Unused) RGalicia (DVBC)
    18014E01;[NS] Dream TV (146E)[ROMxxx]
    18014F01;[NS] Dream TV [ROMxxx]
    18015601;Onda Digital (DVBT)
    18015701;(ID.Unused) Onda Digital (DVBT)
    18017001;(Old) Polsat
    18017101;(Old) Polsat
    18017211;Telefonica (61W)
    18017311;(ID.Unused) Telefonica
    18019401;HKC (138E)
    18019501;(ID.Unused) HKC
    1801C001;Globecast (97W)/TV Globo CARD (13E)[NS]
    1801C002;TV Globo (13E)&[EMU]
    1801C101;(ID.Unused) Globecast/TV Globo CARD
    1801C102;(ID.Unused) TV Globo
    18020000;[NS] CABO (30W)[ROM142]/DigiTV (1W)[ROM1xx]/Multicanal (30W)[ROMxxx]
    18028C11;Mediaset Premium (5W)
    18028D11;Mediaset Premium
    18030000;[NS] Polsat HD (13E)[ROM142]
    18048C11;Mediaset Premium (5W)
    18048D11;Mediaset Premium
    18077911;Glamour+ (24W/DVBT)
    18100000;[NS] Digital+ HD (30W/19E)[ROM180]
    1810B001;(Old) Premiere Film Hotel
    1810B101;(Old) Premiere Film Hotel
    18114106;[NS] Mezzo (19E)[NS][tunneled SecaNagra]
    18150000;[NS] UPC/UPC DIGITAL NL (19E/DVBC)[ROM142]/Bell (82W/91W)[NS-ROM240]
    18205601;[NS] Localia (30W)/?DVBT?
    18205701;[NS] Localia
    18303401;(Old) Premiere
    18303403;(Old) Premiere Star
    18303404;(Old) Entavio
    18303411;(Old) Entavio Start
    18303501;(Old) Premiere
    18303503;(Old) Premiere Star
    18303504;(Old) Entavio
    18303511;(Old) Entavio Start
    18311003;(Old) Premiere
    18330000;[NS] Premiere (19E)[ROMxxx]
    18340000;[NS] Kabel Deutschland (23E/19E)[ROMxxx]
    18360000;[NS] Premiere Film Hotel (19E)[ROMxxx]
    18370000;[NS] KDL (23E/19E)[ROMxxx]
    22000000;[NS] Inmedia (5E/60E)[codicrypt]
    223B0000;[NS] Bundestag (23E)[codicrypt]
    22E20000;[NS] National TV (16E)[codicrypt]
    22E30000;[NS] Russian Radio (53E/13E)[codicrypt]
    22F00000;[NS] TV B92/BRAVO/MTV (16E/4W)[codicrypt]
    26000000;[NS] EBU Biss[EMU](10x max)
    4A600000;Armenia Region TV (36E)[SkyPilot]
    4A610000;(Old) SexView 264 [@SKYcrypt]
    4A630000;(Old) SexViewXXX [Netion SHL]
    4A6F0000;(Old) Redline[data]
    4A700000;(Old) inXtc [DreamCrypt]
    4AA00000;(Old) MCT
    4AA10000;TVE/FreeX/JSC Sports (30W/13E/10E/7W)[KeyFly]
    4AB00000;(Old) ArmeniaTV [SkyPilot]
    4ABF0000;SexOnTV (13E/5W)[Diablo]
    4AD00000;(Old) Redlight Italy [firecrypt]
    4AD10000;SISAL/JSC Sports (9E/7W)[firecrypt]
    4AD40000;(Old) SexView [OmniKrypt]
    4ADC0000;Tv Numeric (DVBT)[5W]
    4AE00000;Tricolor (36E)[DRE-Crypt]
    4AE10000;Platforma HD/Tricolor (9E/36E)[DRE-Crypt]
    4AEE0000;Hellas (39E)[Deltacom]
    55000000;(Old) Tricolor TV[Z-Crypt]
    55010000;AthinaSat (39E)[Griffin]
    55810000;AthinaSat HD (39E)[Griffin-2]
    A1010000;RusCrypt (80E)
    In God I trust . All others pay cash .



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