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    Default In careva zile - Nabilosat Enigma2 Black Hole 1.0

    Iata cate ceva despre noua img. de la Nabilo, pare foarte interesanta, mai ramane s-o si vedem:

    I will explain something about BH 0.10 because it will be a little revolution.
    There will be many important news about EPG panel and integrated CRON or a totally new skin that will be the first HD skin very large with big fonts. that will leave you stuck. But all these you will have to wait sto see.
    I want to explain something important that will make BH 0.10 revolutionary image very very fast and efficient.

    The new concept in BH 0.10 will be the introdution of the socket connections between the image core, the external enviroment and Enigma2.

    This is a new schema that will involve 2 important news:
    1) Black Hole owned API
    2) Emulators and other applications will run outside E2 and will be more speed and efficient.

    This is because Black Hole Socket system will allow comunications between external enviroment and Enigma2.
    This is the schema that will be available in BH 0.10 series:

    Linux -> BH SOCKET -> BH API -> Enigma2
    Enigma2 -> BH SOCKET -> External applications (like emu)

    What conseguenceis ?
    Think at the emu managment... Normally Enigma2 have to start Emu and depend by emu as for example during the emu startup E2 will be stopped until the process is entirely loaded and inizialized (and you can see the spinner appearing).
    In the BH 0.10 image series, Enigma2 to start emu will send only a little signal to the Black Hole socket that will start the process externally. In this way Enigma2 will be free and will not stop and you will never see again the spinner in emu starting and managment. And the emu will work better because it will be not E2 dependent.

    Another conseguence is that in BH 0.10 images we can send commands to Enigma2 from the Linux shell or inside simple scripts or directly using the crond. This is the new Black Hole Api features.
    As for example you can restart enigma2 or restart the emu directly form telnet using the Api. Black Hole 0.10 images will provide a Linux executable interface to use Api.
    You want to restart the emu ?
    You can simply telnet to BH 0.10 and use the command:
    Nabilocmd restartemu
    and the emu in your dreambox will be restarted. You shall use this command everywere in script and cron too. Because this is a BH Api. You will have BH Api to standby your dream restart e2 ecc..
    So as for example if your dreambox will have a block because Enigma2 problem you have not to fire down but you can telnet to it and send the command to restart or shutdown enigma2...
    These are only little preview and examples but the news will be many and many.
    So i think BH 0.10 will be a great improve in Nabilosat Dm images.
    PS. Imi cer scuze ! Rog un moderator sa mute thrend-ul la sectiunea potrivita DREAMBOX & DBOX2

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    Exista de vreo 5 ani sectiunea Dreambox & DBox 2 ...



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