Films on Multivision 25th / 02nd Sept / Oct


Satellite: Hotbird 6

Position: 13.0 East

Frequency: 11662V

Encryptions: Viacc*ss 2 & TPScr*pt

September 25 to October 2

The films given are only meant has a guide and could be in French language or even a different film provided by the provider.


Ocean's Twelve (2004) (Multi 3 & 4) NEW Comedy / Crime / Thriller / Action

Starring Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, George Clooney and Ed Kross. Directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Three years after ripping off casino owner Terry Benedict in Las Vegas, Danny Ocean and his gang have settled down. Until the revenge-seeking Benedict contacts them all one-by-one with this: pay back what you stole from me, with interest, or else. They have two weeks to come up with $190 million dollars. In addition to the swiftly approaching deadline, they have to dodge tenacious Europol agent Isabel Lehiri and out-maneuver another thief known only as "The Night Fox." It all culminates in Ocean's 12 taking on the biggest heist ever...and also the biggest con!


Against The Ropes 2004 (Multi 2 & 5) Drama / Sport

Starring Meg Ryan, Omar Epps, Charles S. Dutton, Tim Daly, Joe Cortese and Kerry Washington. Directed by Charles S. Dutton

A Jewish woman from Detroit who became a boxing manager, guiding several major careers. This film focuses on her relationship with one boxer (Epps), who's reportedly a composite of several including Toney, McKart and Hearns. Kallen eventually left her husband of 30 years, and moved to Los Angeles, becoming the commissioner of the International Female Boxers Association...


Équipier, L' (2004) (Multi 1 & 5) Drama (french language)

Starring Sandrine Bonnaire, Philippe Torreton, Grégori Derangère and Émilie Dequenne. Directed by Philippe Lioret

A film set in 1960's Brittany, France. Philippe Lioret has done an amazing job of capturing the lives of the Bretons and their reluctance to accept outsiders into their proud history.


Arsène Lupin (Multi 2 & 5) 2004 Action / Adventure / Crime / Romance / Mystery / Comedy (french language)

Starring Romain Duris, Kristin Scott Thomas, Pascal Greggory, Eva Green and Robin Renucci. Directed by Jean-Paul Salomé

As the daring thief Arsène Lupin (Duris) ransacks the homes of wealthy Parisians, the police, with a secret weapon in their arsenal, attempt to ferret him out


36 Quai Des Orfèvres (Multi 5) (NEW) 2004 Drama / Crime (french language)

Starring Daniel Auteuil, Gérard Depardieu, André Dussolier, Roschdy Zem and Valeria Golino. Directed by Olivier Marchal

The French police is stumped by a gang of armed robbers whose fast and brutal methods leave no witnesses. Of course the politicians are angry and want immediate results in the capture of these criminals. The stakes are raised when a vacant seat in higher office is opened to the officer who manages to do so.


Blue Demon 2004 (Multi 7) NEW Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Starring Dedee Pfeiffer, Randall Batinkoff, Danny Woodburn and Josh Hammond. Directed by Daniel Grodnik

Training sharks to help mankind is never a good idea. The "Blue Demon" project is an attempt by a team of scientists to train Great White sharks to protect America's coastline from any intruders. But when the sharks are inexplicably let loose in an act of sabotage, all hell breaks loose as the predators follow their natural instincts, and the coastal tides are soon awash with the deep red stuff. Michelle Pfeiffer's sister Dedee stars in this action-packed thriller which may make viewers think twice about taking a luxurious swim in the ocean next time they're on vacation.


Glass Trap (2005) (Multi 7) NEW Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Starring C. Thomas Howell, Stella Stevens, Siri Baruc, Brent Huff and Brent Huff. Directed by Fred Olen Ray.

When an army of radioactive ants are unknowingly carted into a skyscraper, a group of people have to find a way out before they're eaten one by one


Laws Of Attraction (Multi 2) 2004 Comedy / Romance

Starring Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore, Michael Sheen, Johnny Myers and Frances Fisher. Directed by Peter Howitt.

This is the story of two New York divorce attorneys (Moore, Brosnan) who are often competing against each other, but end up in a relationship nonetheless. When they get married, can they avoid the same issues at home that lead people to provide them business at work? One of the central cases in the story is the heavily-publicized divorce of a rock star (Sheen) from his wife (Posey)...


Le Carton (Multi 1 & 5) 2003 Comedy (french language)

Starring Vincent Desagnat, Bruno Salomone, Armelle Deutsch, Fred Testot and Omar Sy. Directed by Charles Nemes

Antoine, a young French twenty-something really sucks at life. The film starts out with him receiving a phone call from his landlord reminding him that he has to be out of his apartment that afternoon. Antoine, obviously, has misunderstood the date and thinks that his moving day, the seventeenth is tomorrow. No. Poor Antoine. What ensues is the completely hilarious story of Antoine and his rag-tag group of bohemian friends attempting to move him out of his den of iniquity in a few hours.


Dalton, Les (2004) (Multi 3 & 4 & 5) NEW Comedy / Western (french language)

Starring Eric Judor, Ramzy Bedia, Saïd Serrari, Romain Berger and Til Schweiger. Directed by Philippe Haïm


The Village (Multi 2 & 3 ) Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Starring Adrien Brody, Jayne Atkinson, Judy Greer, Sigourney Weaver and Joaquin Phoenix. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan

In the late 1890's, lived a small village. Now this is not the best village in the era. There is no medicine for the village, so many people get sick, some even die. And, it is an isolated village, surrounded by woods. In the woods live creatures that kill people who enter. So, the people never leave the village. Headstrong Lucius Hunt (Phoenix) attempts to get medicine and comes back. No harm done. Town idiot Noah (Brody)enters, and infuriates the creatures. So, the creatures enter the village and the people hide in their Wizard of Oz-like cellars. After that, yet another thing goes wrong and now someone must enter the woods, and survive.


(Multi 6)

Zucchero & Friends
Live at the Royal Albert Hall.
Concert (Pop & Rock) Starring Luciano Pavarotti, Paul Young and Eric Clapton.

Star Academy 3
Starring Patxi, Elodie Frégé and Michal.
Music concert

Star Academy 1
Starring Jenifer, Mario and Carine.
Music concert

Star Academy : The concert
Starring Nolwenn, Houcine and Emma.
Music concert

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