I’m new to Satellite TV and would like to find out how to make my own CAM cards.
From what I can see from the Sat sites I require a card writer and blank cards.
I would appreciate any and all help, as I don’t know which card writer is suitable for my needs.

I live in Spain and have a 80cm dish with dual LNB’s from which I receive Astra 19.2E and Hotbird 13E.

My receiver is a Datcom Illusion M3 Conax embedded with 1 smart card reader.
At the moment I have software installed (Vectra v3.41 & Multicam V6.0b) and I’m happy with the amount of channels I receive with this set-up.
However I would like to receive some more channels in English (National Geographic/ Discovery Channel/History Channel and 1 or 2 Film channels).

If you could recommend a piece of kit that would allow me to write cards to view these channels I would be grateful.