Nilesat and Eutelsat sign strategic agreement to develop 7 West
March 25th, 2009

Nilesat, the Egyptian satellite company, and Eutelsat Communications have announced the signature of a new strategic agreement to pursue the development of the 7 degrees West orbital position which is used by both companies for satellite broadcasting across the Middle East; the Gulf countries and North Africa. This new phase of collaboration between Nilesat and Eutelsat follows the recent successful launch of Eutelsats Hot Bird 10 satellite that will first be commercialised at 7 degrees West under the name Atlantic Bird 4A.

Eutelsat has been partnering with Nilesat at 7 degrees West since July 2006 when its Atlantic Bird 4 satellite was copositioned with the Nilesat 101 and Nilesat 102 satellites. This constellation of three satellites at a single neighbourhood currently comprises 39 transponders, which transmit more than 450 television channels to an audience over 38 million homes. The development of the shared neighbourhood will move into a new phase with the commercial entry into service later this month of Atlantic Bird 4A at 7 degrees West, enabling Nilesat to boost through to 2019 the number of transponders it leases from Eutelsat.

The collaboration between both operators will move into a third phase with the deployment in mid-2010 of the Nilesat 201 satellite procured by Nilesat. This will be followed in 2011 by the arrival of Atlantic Bird 4R which Eutelsat recently confirmed it will shortly procure.

(Source: Eutelsat)