Super Hi-Vision possible for 2012 Olympics

Eric Huggers is the head of the BBCs ...ure Media & Technology group. He was also the first official face of the recent Ultra-HD London demonstration set up for the giant IBC technology show in Amsterdam. A live Ultra-HD 8K link was set up between London and the IBC, and Huggers introduced the demo.

Speaking at the recent DTG Summit in London, Huggers expressed himself a fan of Ultra-HD although he recognised that major technology obstacles remain to be solved, not least compressing the fat signals down to something that could be handled efficiently and affordably. The BBCs own DIRAC compression system might well be key to solving these problems.

NHK, Japans public broadcaster, is looking to start trials of a Super HD, at 4000 lines (and not quite the 8K lines needed for Ultra-HD) next year, and building up to full public transmissions in time for the 2016 Olympic Games which Tokyo is pitching for.

Huggers says one way to showcase Super-HD would be to link the po....r outdoor screens for Londons upcoming 2012 Olympic Games by fibre-optic and thus deliver extremely high resolution images for public consumption. He stressed that the BBC was not ready to consider 4K transmissions, but Huggers praised the work being done by the BBCs R&D technicians and engineers at Kingswood Warren.

(Source: Rapid TV News)