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The British NDS, manufacturer of code ring systems and property of Rupert Murdoch, has as a chairman of the ETSI (European organization for standardization of information and communication technologies) the German business Dream Multimedia it impossibly made yet satellite receivers from the popular Dreambox series on the market to bring. It goes around not only the present models only also round the future models (the Dreambox 7025 and the Dreambox 8000) at which Dream Multimedia works.

All end last year visited NDS Dream Multimedia and became requested in this conversation the German business on the open source software in the receivers off to close and the network connection from the receivers to remove. Dream Multimedia is never request entered into this.

Now that NDS chairman is of the ETSI appears it on it that NDS its crusade against Dream Multimedia in yet more violent form persevere. The ETSI refuses namely a CSA (Common Scrambling Algorithm) licentie off to give at Dream Multimedia. This comes according to Dream Multimedia because NDS within the ETSI large influence has through what wrongly a licentie refused is.

Dream Multimedia was not yet in possession of the CSA licentie only might well receivers on the market bring because the request for a CSA licentie yet in treatment was. Normal these by the ETSI finished to never to give as the receivers at the DVB standard refused becomes satisfy. This is been at the receivers of Dream Multimedia always the case. This appear also from on internet opvraagbare gegevens (see h-t-t-p://w-w-w.dvb.org/index.php?id=104&mid=2831 ).

IBM, manufacturer of the procesoren of the present Dreambox models DM7000, DM7020 DM5620 and DM500, may Dream Multimedia on this moment no procesoren more hand over. This because of the being missing from a by ETSI delivered to become CSA licentie. This same ban on decrepit ring of procesoren becomes opgelegd at the manufacturer of the procesoren which uses become in the new Dreambox receivers.

On the first face, the refusal of ETSI Dream Multimedia no CSA licentie appears to provide uiters dubious to name. Dream Multimedia satisfies at all demand which the ETSI puts obtaining of a CSA licentie. It is not on this moment known or Dream Multimedia walk against the refusal a CSA licentie to obtain undertakes.