German telco Deutsche Telekom appears to be suffering enormous technical problems with one of its most important projects, the IPTV platform T-Home Entertain.

In an internal forum Telekom customer service advisors and technicians describe serious problems, German magazine Stern reports in its online edition. “Every day we have to hold onto, put off, appease and pacify customers”, wrote a technician who attends to disappointed Entertain customers. “You can’t imagine how many aggravated customers there are here.”

Disturbed on-screen pictures are the biggest problem, wrote numerous employees. The disruptions are sometimes experienced over entire regions, wrote another.

The allegations aren’t just from a few individuals, as Telekom employees can vote on the forum entries. The post on the massive problems was rated by 2,093 employees – 1,783 of whom agree. A Telekom spokesman admitted that there were individual cases with problems, but claimed that on the whole the offer functioned “faultlessly”.

Telekom currently has 500,000 Entertain customers, with a million expected by year-end.