I had problem with my dream Box 500S and first I tried to repair with RS232 Null modem ( 2-3-2) cable and dreamup will hang with " uploading complete waiting for acknowledgement " then nothing happens.
so after much discussion came to conclusion that i need Jtag this box , I did with all instruction( please see the attachment I did all the steps and it worked till last screen) and before J tag there was red and green light in front , but after J tag only green light .
It was showing progress ( in % ) and finally it says download complete " now you can install Image.

so I tried again dream up with null modem cable but still it hangs at same position
When I connect box to TV with AV cable TV dosn'r recognise box
so now what could be the wrong with box ?
try to connect PC-BOX- modem I can not get all green lines so I am not able to communicate with box

I need help

How do you attach image or Adob document etc ?