I have a set-up of 2 stb via diesq switch and individual as follow:

1 stb (1ST) connected to 2 Ku (D2 & PS & 2 C-band LNBs (AS3 dual port, AS4 single port) via 1X4 switch. Another STb (2nd) only to One of the dual lnb (c-band) port pointing to AS3.

Now at Diesq switch, orientation is D2<>AS4 and PS8<>AS3. Proble what I am facing is, I am loosing PS8 while I turned on my 2ND STB pointing only to AS3. While turned off my 2nd STB, PS8 is viewable in 1st STB.Looking like some voltage is coming from 2nd STB via 2nd port of AS3 LNB at the switch and nullyfy the signal of PS8.

PLz guide me what shall I do.