The Dutch public TV channels Nederland 1, 2 and 3 will no longer be available on analogue terrestrial transmitters from next year. That was decided today by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which will formally notify MP's in writing next week. Only about 77,000 Dutch households still make use of the analogue terrestrial transmissions, which cost 11 million euro a year to run. Most people here receive TV via cable, digital terrestrial or satellite. The public broadcasters say they understand the decision, but that a solution must be found to enable the affected households to continue receiving the public channels. Public broadcasting in the Netherlands is funded through general taxation, rather than a separate licence fee. It's understood that the formal letter to be sent to parliament next week will contain details of the proposed solution.

This could be in effect "good news", there are strong reports that the Dutch public channels Nederland 1, 2 & 3 could go FTA (free to air) via digital transmissions on the present Astra 19°E slot. This would be good news to the many fans of the Dutch channels that have not been available since they went to ****** 2!.

This is only speculation at present and has not been confirmed but the announment that the UK´s ITV network will also go FTA, I am sure will make the Dutch authorties think positivly.