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    Talking Tools: Dreambox Control Center E2(only)

    Dreambox Control Center E2(only)

    Beta test: Dreambox Control Center E2 (only for Enigma2) Due to that meanwhile to large number of different DMM boxes an extension and/or an adjustment of the past DCC was no longer meaningful. After a Enigma2-Box (DM800) is to me for some time now at the disposal, I provided exclusively for Enigma2 adapted a DCC - evenly DCC-E2. The first version was tested and so far exclusively on the DM800. Like the behavior with other E2-Boxen is remains being waiting - however to it this beta test finally serves. Who would like to test is to it invited, should itself however the risks be conscious, which accompany with the employment of a software not developed yet. Which is new and/or differently than in the past DCC: The past DCC was abgespeckt around almost all Enigma1-Funktionen and completely again developed on basis Enigma2. First is the recognition of the Enigma2 and the type of box of importance. If no Enigma2 is recognized, DCC-E2 can be used only with ftp and telnet - all other functions are deactivated for the protection of the box. Pictures say sometimes more than words - therefore here the most important innovations in the form of commentated Screenshots…

    Emphasis of the beta test is: * Basic functionality * Bughunting * Behavior in interaction with the DM7025 and DM8000 If special adjustments should be necessary for the DM7025 or DM8000, I can make these for lack of box only reduced. References to the installation: The Zip file contains only one " DCC_E2.exe". That is OK ONE like that and more is not also needed. It is sufficient to unpack these into the goal listing. Its own installation does not take place. The program can be started immediately and puts on thereafter one dcc.ini. Entries into the Registry are not made. For Backups after the first activation a file is " Backup" in the installation listing put on, where then again the namentlichen Backups with its title is put on as Unterordner. For direct editing of the Settings of the box temporarly a file Tmp is produced, which is again removed afterwards. Special thanks go on… @gutemine for the Barry all tools and assistance with the integration in DCC-E2… more @Bitjumper, without which the action would not have been possible… @ChickenRun as ' Risiko-Pilot' in the alpha test and each quantity of assistance @Frako for plentifully background information of special kind… @OoZooN for attaching contacts and Enigma2-Grundschule @fpiette for its Freeware HTTP, telnet and ftp components (is me wurscht from which forums all this come) thx tons of BernyR
    Descarca de aici:

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    Talking Dreambox Control Center for Enigma2 (DCC-E2)

    Dreambox Control Center for Enigma2 (DCC-E2) by BernyR's

    Descarca de aici: DCC-E2 v1.30 (05.08.2011)

    Autozoom added.

    With auto zoom all the windows contents are adjusted automatically when resizing. In the first configuration page can optionally be restricted to auto zoom the font sizes in table (eg FTP) to be maintained.

    Memory Info increased to 8 mountpoints.
    The memory info was increased from 4 to 8 Mount Points. To get free panels for additional mount points can alternatively dev, boot, tmp and / var hidden order.

    Opkg package manager for now with support.
    DCC-E2 now uses the default opkg command structure of the E2-box. For compatibility reasons, may alternatively be switched to IPKG.

    Setting editor corrected and expanded.
    The Settings Editor now recognizes HD channels and errors in creating the bouquets were eliminated. The channel type is now displayed as separate icon (TV, radio, or HD).

    Live TV updated.
    Live TV was adapted to the current VLC version 1.1.11.

    Important notes:
    The existing voice files can be used only to a limited and should be re-created as needed by the translator.

    In the 'boot manager' (Barry Allen) was not changed because I am currently working without a boot manager and want to change anything at the moment my box. Whether the functionality still exists and / or current at all is still, unfortunately I can not find dehalb.

    DCC-E2 is at least on my test system running Windows 7 - 64 bit without problems. Almost all previously reported connection issues were due to incorrectly configured software firewalls or network settings.

    (Source: BernyR's Dreambox Tools )

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    Thanks... many thanks!
    Oamenii se nasc si mor, fara ca macar sa aibe idee unde se afla cu adevarat si care e sensul existentei.

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    Talking DCC-E2 v1.40

    Descarca de aici: DCC-E2 v1.40 (23.08.2011)

    Support dFlash *. nfi Image Backup
    It is now one of the current backup *. nfi images are created in Flash.
    To use this function must be the plugin "dFlash" of gutemine be installed on the box!

    The backup image is always created first on the box (the target directory and can optionally
    be downloaded to the PC. Upon request, then the backup on the box is cleared.

    The path for the backup on the box and will download to a PC and stored in the configuration are set automatically the next time.

    Restart Enigma 'send tools / command' to add
    This command only starts the GUI, so Enigma (2) new.

    Sorting function, and 'Keep Selection "added for packages
    The ipkg / opkg packages can now be sorted by clicking on the column header. In addition to the previously selected entry will now jump back, if after you install or remove a plugin, the table is re-read. Reloading is necessary in any case, since DCC can not even detect whether dependent packages have been installed.

    Left menu items now part of the resources
    These can also be translated into other languages​​.
    You can find these strings in the language file in the [strings] and start with 'menu ...'.

    Download Recordings optional inclusive *. eit
    Together with Recordings can each be associated *. ince downloaded optional.
    The setting is saved and automatically restored after restart.

    - The box type was sometimes not properly recognized or incompletely
    - Sorting of Records had no function
    - Set to 'Active / Passive FTP' had no effect on FTP2 for background actions
    - If the query "delete file, are you sure?" terminated with Escape, the file was deleted anyway.
    - Improper alignment of the input field for the IP address of the box

    (Source: BernyR's Dreambox Tools )

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    a aparut vers 1.41

    dar din pacate nu pot posta - poate posteaza cine are drepturile

    Image Backup angepasst aktuelles dFlash 0.101
    Gutemine hat extra eine neue Version erstellt, da zuvor alle Kommandos sprachabhängig waren und die Backup-Funktion des DCC-E2 deshalb nur im deutschen Sprachraum funktionierte. Jetzt sollte es unabhängig von der eingestellten Sprache auf der Box laufen.
    WICHTIG: dFlash 0.101 muss auf der Box installiert sein!

    Fehler im Active FTP behoben
    Durch einen Fehler war es nicht möglich im 'Active' FTP Modus über einen Router von extern Verbindung zur Box aufzubauen.
    si tradus cu Google -

    Imagine copie de rezervă curentă dFlash adaptat 0.101
    Emine mărfurilor are suplimentare creează o nouă versiune, deoarece toate comenzile au fost dependente de limbă şi funcţia de copie de rezervă de DCC-E2 numai în lumea vorbitoare de limba germană a lucrat. Ar trebui să acum alerga independent de limba stabilit pe cutie.
    IMPORTANTE: dFlash 0.101 trebuie să fie instalat pe cutie!

    FTP activ fix
    De o eroare a fost modul prin intermediul un router la link extern în caseta nu este posibil în a construi FTP 'activă'.

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    Talking DCC-E2 v1.42 (03.10.2011) by BernyR's

    DCC-E2 v1.42 (03.10.2011) by BernyR's

    Image Backup überarbeitet
    Es wird nicht mehr das Webinterface des dFlash verwendet, sondern DCC-E2 ruft die Binaries des dFlash direkt über einen Telnet-Script auf. Das dFlash-Plugin muss also weiterhin installiert sein, doch die Ausführung ist jetzt nicht mehr abhänging vom jeweiligen Browser und sollte zuverlässiger funktionieren. Allerdings wurde es (noch) nicht mit der aktuellsten Enigma2 und der letzten dFlash-Version getestet (habe es selbst noch nicht installiert).

    - Ausrichtung des Eingabefeldes für die Box-IP war nicht korrekt nach Änderung der Fenstergröße.
    - Die Größe der Panels in Recordings wurde nach Änderung der Fenstergröße nicht korrekt gezoomt.

    Descarca de aici: DCC-E2 v1.42



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