I have a FIAT grande punto 1.3 multijet with 90 HP and im thinking about buying a chip witch will give me extra arround 28 HP, so i will have arround 118 HP. So my question is, how dangeorus could this be for my car engine, has anyone of you any experiance with these kind of things?
(the chip will cost me 200 € and its easy to connect to the car... takes about 3 minutes and i can do it by myself and when ever i want i can remove it)

And the second question is:
My punto weights 1145 kg and with the chip im gonna have almost 120 HP, while FIAT bravo (the new one) 1.9 multijet has 150 HP and weights 1360 kg. I know its gonna be slower and have worse acceleration than the bravo, but i would like to know how much HP would my car theoretically need to actually have the same acceleration as the 150 HP Bravo witch has arround 200 kg more weight...

Thnx for the answers

Here is the link to the site where they have these chips with more info about what extra performance does the chip give: (its a german site btw)