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    Default sahara one PAY or FTA ??

    i have been reading that sahara one might becoming a pay channel WHERE did they get the infomation, thats its going encrpted(sahara one)?..........yes there r rumours around that the new "filmy"channel might be a pay channel cause they will show alot of movies as to date sahara has not said its pay or FTA so rumours r rife ,they might surprize us be FTA for a little while for sahara one being pay channel the FTA advertizing dollar is too much to lose, but when sahara started if u remeber the promos they showed they said the were comminted to being a FTA channel .but then again things change

    it will be a very sad loss if it becomes pay channel (if they lasted 4 years without encryting why now ) as there will be only 4 indian FTA channels left in new zealand .but good on for the PAKISATANI channels they showing everyone u dont have to become a pay channel to survie as these will be the only hindi channels viewing left in new zealand (so r pay channels just like making money )

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    Default Sahara.FTA or Encrypted.

    I have read that SaharaTV channels will be FTA in India.(Indiantelevision-website)

    but the Indian Movies, and the Sahara One manoranjan channels ,according to few Pakistani members have bluntly said that SaharaTv will go to the Encryption fields.

    Can we believe such rumours.

    Please note that if there is smoke rising above the hills, there may be a fire in the future-Red Indian saying
    Thanks for reading my mail.



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