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    Default Flash Wizard PRO 5.1

    A aparut o noua versiune a popularului Flash Wizard.

    FlashWizard PRO 5.1
    released 29/08/2005

    What's new?

    * Advanced Secure Install procedure for multiboot images, This powerful procedure checks automatically the reliability of all copied files when doing a multiboot install.
    If one or more files are found corrupted, then a popup window will be displayed containing a list of non-consistant files for currently installed image. So you'll decide if continue or not.
    Note: it's strongly recommended to abort installation, the image mostly won't boot if has corrupted files.
    So, as I'm saying from months, the bug was definitely a squashfs 2.0 bug, this new powerful option will show you clearly as it is.
    This procedure is implemented via a patched "cp" command (took from new busybox 1.01 and modified by me), used instead of standard one while installing.
    If no popup window is shown during install, you are now sure of a perfect result.
    If corrupted files are found, simply try to reinstall the image a second time.
    Even better, do first a full reboot of your dreambox:
    it has been proved, during tests, that error rate is by far less after a complete reboot.

    * Quick FTP
    On SmartTelnet Window, you can now find a quick drag-and-drop FTP client, very comfortable for most operations.
    You can just drag and drop your files from Windows desktop to the needed panel, each one will FTP the dropped file(s) on the stated directory (the most used places on dreambox, like /var/tuxbox/plugins - /var/bin - /tmp ...)
    In addiction, you can specify the file attributes after FTP transfer, also if the destination file will be deleted before FTP, plus an option to change (cd) automatically SmartTelnet to the FTP dir after the transfer.
    Two customizable FTP panels are provided too. Enter there your preferred FTP dir
    Actual version does NOT support directory transfers, only one or multiple selected files can be dropped.

    * Actualized Advanced SmartSettings Copy
    The latest config variables are now updated for SmartSettings Copy parser, including teletext cache, samba on/off, audio channels priority (thanks redneck , saved mountpoints NFS or CIFS.

    * Kill enigma before flash install:
    A killall command is issued to exit enigma before installing an image in flash memory, stopping most dreambox processes, load and activities, to avoid install problems. Note: it is always recommended to leave it ON.

    * New Boot menu 1.5:
    NFS install procedure is enhanced and fixed, hopefully now always working on all connected hardwares.

    * Automatic /hdd/epg.dat files delete at boot:
    A workaround for actual Enigma epg cache bug. When you boot a different image than the last booted one, automatically epg cache files are deleted from your hard disk, avoiding enigma to crash on startup.

    * Support for localized charsets:
    Long awaited feature... you can choose the Character set most suitable for your Country (in language file):
    # DEFAULT the default charset
    # SHIFTJIS Japanese shift-JIS characters.
    # HANGEUL Korean characters (Wansung).
    # JOHAB Korean characters (Johab). Not available on NT 3.51
    # GB2312 Simplified Chinese characters (mainland china).
    # CHINESEBIG5 Traditional Chinese characters (Taiwanese).
    # GREEK Greek characters. Not available on NT 3.51.
    # TURKISH Turkish characters. Not available on NT 3.51
    # VIETNAMESE Vietnamese characters. Not available on NT 3.51.
    # HEBREW Hebrew characters. Not available on NT 3.51
    # ARABIC Arabic characters. Not available on NT 3.51
    # BALTIC Baltic characters. Not available on NT 3.51.
    # RUSSIAN Cyrillic characters. Not available on NT 3.51.
    # THAI Thai characters. Not available on NT 3.51
    # EASTEUROPE Includes diacritical marks for east european countries. Not available on NT 3.51.

    * And...:
    as ever, some other little updates and fixes, not so many this time, to be honest )))

    Download aici

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    A aparut si 5.2 PRO 01/09/2005

    - Advanced Secure Install procedure

    After further and deeper testings about the squashfs problem, I found that low free memory is
    _almost everytime_ the main cause for having files corrupted during install.
    This means that newer squashfs versions need much more memory to work, mainly because the squashfs packing
    blocks size reached 65536 bytes on latest version, to allow a bigger compression ratio.
    Last Squashfs v2.2 has however some smart embedded options when working on constrained memory systems,
    so it's higly recommended to use this one on very limited memory envinronments, like Dreambox is.

    Keeping that news in mind, I tuned up the whole multiboot install procedure, and added a new option:
    if empty or corrupted files are found, a new button "Kill enigma and retry" is provided on the error log window.
    By selecting that button, FlashWizard will first kill enigma process, then will retry to install the image.
    This new procedure has proved to resolve almost all files corrupted installations, so it is highly
    recommended to select it, if errors were found.
    But, if errors are still present after the Kill enigma procedure, then is mostly a problem arised in image
    packing, expecially when always the same files are listed.
    Then, if you decide to continue the install, you should check those files manually when finished, before
    rebooting dreambox.

    - Full French translation included (locale + docs), by Mimi74. Thanks

    Download pe "dreamboxworld"!
    Dreambox 900 4K / Nvidea Shield StreamBox



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