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    Default Set Ups, Dish's, LNBFS ,Connections


    1. You must ensure your wall/ground stand is 100 level on all sides.
    2. Connect POLAR MOUNT to wall/ground stand, semi-tighten it, enabling you to move it by hand
    3. Bolt on MOTOR ARM between the front and rear of Polar Mount ( multiple holes to fit different bolt size)
    4. Release rear clamp of Motor Arm and slide the whole of the arm in or out until polar mount pole
    ( front) is 100 % vertical, then lock arm.
    5. Put your dish on the polar mount parallel to the rear of the mount.
    6. Fix your LNB parallel on the boom arm, with the F-Plug connection at the bottom.
    7. To align, move whole of polar mount/arm/dish Left or Right to true South/I degree West Satellite.
    8. Using the up and down movement of your dish, and left and right of whole polar mount, align for
    TV NORGE on 1 degree West frequency 11.421 H until picture is 100. Then lock polar mount
    and dish ( TV norge is a decoded channel)
    9. Release rear clamp of motor arm, bringing it backwards 1 inch from the end of the outer casing.Then lock arm.
    10. When wiring your motor arm ensure the same colour cables go to the relevant connections,
    between your motor and receiver-positioner.
    11. Set your East and West limits as per your instructions of your receiver-positioner. If your dish
    turns East instead of West, go to the back of your receiver-positioner and reverse the two motor cables.
    You never know

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    Default ok

    You may want to have a universal lnb. This would cover two KU bands in the same lnb. The 22khz switch is used to switch between the two bands. (they use differant Local oscilators.
    Theres lots to see if you use google!



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