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    Default Showtime Pirate Card Available in Oman Secretly!

    I can confirm that a friend has a pirated Showtime card.This uses the same encryption as TFC.If somebody can do it with showtime then it can be done with TFC.

    Happy days will soon be here!

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    can u tell where ur friend got the card from...if u cant post pls PM me i am too from oman and i want to get a showtime card..also if u could mention the price of it

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    All I can say to you is that it is a buggy card.There are times when it will not work.I myself did not get this card as I have tried showtime legally before and did not renew.
    I had a basic subscription but the pirate card has the 20 or so channels-all the movie channels are there I saw it myself.
    Also even if you are able to contact the supplier of this card I very much doubt if you will get it-only available to select people.
    One hint I can give you is that the supplier is from Asia.
    No I have not met the supplier-I'm not interested and I only posted this because I want to encourage a hack of the TFC card.

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    Default tel no

    At least you give the telephone number of your friend who is having the card so that we will do the rest

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    Read PM

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    Default TFC

    Hi I would like to try this card to, you think I will manage to get it from Europe? my location is Malta

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    Quote Originally Posted by bme
    lol. he's asking for the dummy card, not the legit one.


    get out of Malta and stay someplace else since it's very hard for you, it seems, to get even legit cards.
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