CNN to start live telecast from Abu Dhabi in 2009
November 23rd, 2008

CNN International’s plan to start live daily news programming from Abu Dhabi is getting closer to becoming a reality as its new broadcasting facility is shaping up in the capital. This move signals the global network’s expanded on-the-ground commitment to the Middle East and marks CNN’s first regularly scheduled daily live show from the region.

In addition to the launch of live daily news programming, CNN will also move the production of its popular Middle East focused feature shows Inside the Middle East and Marketplace Middle East to the UAE.

The emergence of Al Jazeera English from Doha, Qatar has played a significant role in persuading CNN to invest in a major facility in the Middle East. Although CNN has existing news bureaux in Amman, Baghdad, Beirut, Cairo, Dubai and Jerusalem, this will give CNN International the opportunity to compete with Al Jazeera on an equal footing for coverage of major news events in the region.

(Source: Emirates Business 24/7 )