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The next [email protected] LIVE show on Intelsat 10-02 is scheduled for August 25, 2005

Coverage: Europe, North-Africa and CIS via Intelsat 10-02 at 1° West
Frequency: 11.535 Mhz (Ku-Band)
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 5.632 Msyb/s
FEC: 3/4
Beam: Spot 1

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DXer's Heaven: visiting Olbort Satellitentechnik in Austria
Clarke 2100S+: more than BlindScan-receiver
EYCOS S10.02F: better than others?
Finally Satellite Espionage with DrDish: easy Inmarsat
FireDTV: MPEG 4:2:2 (EBU-Feeds) compatible?
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