hi i have many peers but alot of them have this

604 : 0 [I2] TVBS EUROPE(9E)//NOVA(13E)//SHOWTIME(7W)//Bulsatcom(39E)//DPTV(9E)//Redlight(9E)//MCT(13E)

some have TVBS Europe on 9e

some have MCT 13e

some have the above two and DPTV aswell

so my question is this

is there i way in cccaminfophp or in my cccam.providers to split this caid id 604:0 into the various packages (others like 0b00:0 do the same)

for example

604:1 means TVBS Europe

604:2 means MCT


so there must be away out there

because if you see caid 919:0 how can i tell just by looking whether the peer has full package or not without asking them (i mean he could lie and say he has full but really he does'nt)

please please there must be away of identify each provider with a unique id.

can someone help me as i have many peers who are wondering the same thing.