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    Default O noua imagine PLI ?...sau doar o simpla revizuire .

    " The Original Enigma1 PLiŽ Jade Final suite contains the following images:

    * PLiŽ-Jade-DM500
    * PLiŽ-Jade-DM500-MaxVar
    * PLiŽ-Jade-DM500-Old-Framebuffer
    * PLiŽ-Jade-DM500-MaxVar-Old-Framebuffer
    [Old-Framebuffer: only needed if you have a greenish OSD when using the normal DM500 software, if in doubt use the standard DM500 software]
    * PLiŽ-Jade-DM500Plus
    * PLiŽ-Jade-DM56x0
    * PLiŽ-Jade-DM600
    * PLiŽ-Jade-DM7000
    * PLiŽ-Jade-DM7020

    See below for what's new & fixed since the initial PLiŽ Jade RC release

    - Satellite.xml split in Ka, Ku, C, S, L band
    - Remote control behaviour reverted to pre-Jade
    * (Some remotes suffered from very bad reception in the Jade RC)
    - North America scan fix by Updatelee
    - CDK Flashtool: support flashing between standard partition layout and 'MaxVar' partition layout!
    * ('Var' partition is erased when the layout changes)
    - Rotor improvement for the OpenEmbedded (OE) boxes

    - CVS Repository June 29th 2008
    - PLiŽ Repository September 29th 2008
    - CDK Flashtool: support flashing between standard partition layout and 'MaxVar' partition layout
    * ('Var' partition is erased when the layout changes)
    - Enigma Movieplayer fixed by ims
    - Default sleeptimer now 30 minutes
    - Insert and delete character support for DM500 remotes (Red and Green)
    * Now Red (delete) en Green (insert) can be used.
    * For all other boxes Vol+/Vol- and Red/Green can be used - it does not care...
    - Remote control behaviour restored to pre-Jade
    - Fixed 'DM7000 style' remote control for DM500
    * (Added the ability to use the DM600, 7000, 7020 large remote on your DM500, DM56x0)
    - Show serviceselector again with TV/RADIO key, but only if the mode already was TV resp. RADIO.
    * Toggling TV/RADIO doesn't bring up the service selector
    - Timeshift delay input value limited to 999 instead of 60 seconds
    - Timeshift / recording support for DM500+ (settings equal to DM600)
    - Rotor improvement for the OpenEmbedded (OE) boxes
    * (Smooth start and faster rotating at 18 V, motor stop detection improved)

    - Bitrate plugin fixes for NTSC

    - Channelsetting reload in PPanel fixed

    EPG Features:
    - Use audio key for searchEPG in EPG channel

    OSD Features:
    - OSD transparancy setting in smaller steps for DM500+ and DM600 (5 instead of 25)

    Web Interface Fixes:
    - Some info in WebIf missing for IE fixed by ims

    - Enable network and DHCP as default in case the Enigma config is not copied from /Var_init
    * May fix some move /Var to network issues
    - Do NOT add manually created mounts to the Enigma mount.conf
    * It can cause double mounts if such a mount was already done in /Var/etc/init

    Highlights DM500 MaxVar:
    We've created 1Mb extra /Var space for you...
    The removed items are now available via the PLiŽ downloads at the Software Management

    We rebuilt the internal Flash tool completely!
    So now you can flash back and forward between the standard PLi DM500 images and the PLi DM500-MaxVar images without using the serial cable!

    We advise you to use the 'root.cramfs' method for this!
    See the url below on how to Flash your DM500 via the 'root.cramfs' method:

    See our DM500 Installation Wiki...

    Moved to Software Management downloads:
    - MV EPG plugin, Mediapli_8 skin, CCcam SoftCam, Cables/Terrestrial.xml, Translations, Games, traceroute, nslookup, IPtables, Netfilter drivers

    - Thanks to Updatelee for North America scan fix

    Thanks to the PLi testers for several fixes and features

    - Online update support (IPKG feed) for OpenEmbedded boxes
    * (DM500Plus/DM600/DM7020)
    - Global satellites.xml updated September 29th 2008
    * (DVB-S: FEC = Automatic; DVB-S2: FEC = Normal; DVB-S2 can't handle auto-FEC)
    - Satellites.xml split in Ka, Ku, C, S, L band

    See our PLiŽ Wiki...

    Further, our Pli member Jonc created a Wikipedia Tool and PDA WYSIWYG Desktop Application for the PLi Dreambox images

    If this DM500 version proves all OK, he will put the other Wikipedia Tools and PDA WebIf version online for the DM56x0, DM500+, DM600, DM7000, DM7020 and the limited E2 wiki.
    So please report your feedback back at the forum...

    Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

    Detailed info, Wiki, FAQ's, HowTo's, TechNotes and information about this and the previous PLiŽ releases can be found on the PLiŽ Website: "


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    Au rezolvat niste buguri pentru DM500.

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    cam multe buguri/mie i-mi placea imaginea dar cind se bloca ma exaspera//si am incercat toate variantele de pli/o voi incerca si pe asta si sper sa fie ok
    1,2 offset dish/lnb inverto/dream 500hd/dream 525 hd

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaniolul View Post
    intre timp aparuse o revizie noua la imagine , se pare ca imaginea postata de tine avea unele probleme , eu am incercat sa instalez imaginea din data de 01.10.2008 cu flashwizard si nu am reusit se bloca instalarea la 84% .

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    cine stie cum merge pe clone ?

    cad ca are drivere noi
    - CVS Repository June 29th 2008
    Drеambox DM-500S + PLiŽ Jade Edition + GEMBIRD EE3-UNAS-1 (80Gb) + Linksys WAG54G



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