NDS-Nordic on MagicModule Version 1.1

needed : UCAS2, MM or Matrixcam, original NDS-card with subscription
1) erase flash
2) If you have converted your magicmodule to matrixcam, or you have a matrixcam, you have to flash the xilinx chip with "magic.cas"
3) flash the MagicModule at address 0x00000000.
4) insert module in reciver
5) insert NDS-card ( with subscription ), remember that chip is up on MM
6) wait about 10sec.
7) if it works, you will have picture.
send a mail, so the writer of the soft knows how it went

Tested with
Dreambox (different images) OK
Nokia 220S OK
Samsung 9500AY OK ( meny does not work, still says "no module" but it decrambles ok )
Force 755 OK
Force 1145/1155 OK
Force 1122/1133 OK
Fantacy 2005COCI OK
Coship 5300a OK
Metabox III OK
Topfield 3000COCI OK
Canal Digital CDC-7000ST OK
todo : add support for more recivers - in work
cardinfo - on hold
other NDS? - in work ( s*y italy / BskyB )

Version history.
1.1 : fixed a stupid bug ( wrong ID for NDS )
added conax ("beta" only tested on dreambox )
1.0 : fixed the init time. less than 10 seconds to init.
added layer to implement s*y italy. I need a card
re-organized the layer to support more recivers.
beta 8 : added support for Force 1133/1133S ( again, tnx to tomjan for his loggings )
beta 7 : added support for Force 1145/1155 ( tnx to tomjan for his loggings )
beta 6 : added support for samsung9500AY
beta 5 : added auto boxid ( you dont need to enter boxid )
fixed card in/out issue (if you take card out, wait 5 sec. before you insert it again)
beta 4 : added EMM
beta 3 : fixed channel change issue
added "enter boxid using MMI"
added cardinfo to menu, but need to be implemented
beta 2 : added more than one audio pid
beta 1 : first beta release