World’s first HDTV stereoscopic 3D transatlantic transmission

A packed cinema of about 1000 IBC delegates witnessed the world’s first HDTV stereoscopic 3D transatlantic transmission on Sept 14. It was truly spectacular and showed DreamWorks SKG’s CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg receiving an IBC Award, and talking about the future for 3D.

The satellite transmission was uplinked from Los Angeles and transmitted in a single hop via the Intelsat 9 satellite. An Arqiva Satellite News Gathering truck downlinked the signal in Amsterdam, enabling the IBC audience to experience this world first.

“Digital Cinema is an important new medium and demand for alternative content is growing rapidly," said Barrie Woolston, commercial director at Arqiva's Satellite Media Solutions division. "Live 3D High Definition broadcasts add an exciting new dimension to the audience experience and present significant opportunities for live event organisers and exhibitors. The [cinema] big screen is the perfect showcase for the 3D experience and this demonstration has highlighted its enormous possibilities for driving revenues across an exhibitor's network."

Katzenberg was hugely upbeat about the prospects for 3D, as were other panellists at IBC’s 3D Cinema day. “2D films are going to be a thing of the past," Katzenberg said, adding that DreamWorks’ own output would be totally 3D. "I believe it is our future. It is going to be completely transformative. It will move out to every facet of our lives.”

He added: "Within a handful of years when sound was introduced silent movies went away. Not some, but all. Likewise, when Technicolor was introduced, within five years all movies were being made in colour. In a reasonable period of time, more than a handful but less than two handfuls (of years), I believe all movies are going to be made in 3D."

(Source: Rapid TV News)

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