Launch of Europarltv, the Web TV of the European Parliament

On Wednesday 17 September 2008, the European Parliament will launch its own webTV channel on the Internet: Europarltv. From that moment, anyone in the world with Internet access will be able to watch a regularly changing set of programmes based around the life of the Parliament.

Europarltv is split into four channels, each directed to a different audience:

1. Your Parliament, aimed at those with a particular interest in politics at the EU level: informed citizens, industry groups, social partners, lobbyists, academics as well as those working in the EU institutions.
2. Your Voice, conceived for the general public and providing the possibility of featuring user-generated content.
3. Young Europe, aimed particularly at school-aged children, high users of the Internet and the European electorate of the future.
4. Parliament Live provides continuous coverage of live events in the Parliament, notably debates in the plenary sessions, with a link to the audiovisual archives of previous sessions, as well as in the coming months, the activities of the committees.

All programmes will be translated into more than 20 languages, making the site unique in the world. Some programmes will be voiced-over, others will be made with subtitles. All EU languages will be covered but with more limited material in Irish, following the pattern of the Parliament’s website.

Europarltv can be accessed at from Wednesday 17 September.

(Source: European Commission)