Hi there, i bought a patched TM5200 off ebay, It has the key menu and already has quite a few keys already in for a few satellites/packages wish as Premier on 19.2e

There are alot of keys and options already in and at the end blank ones also.

Lets say i had to replace the key for Premier, How and what would i need to go to in the technomate keys menu for that?

And say i needed to add new keys for a provider i could not see that was already in, Such as Canal Digitaal Satelliet. I had the key and another couple of numbers such as PID (i think or was it CID, the website is bookmarked on my other pc)

What do i enter, in the top spaces?

Could do with an dummy guide!

It also goes along with the thread stickied on top of this forum, Such as single channels or main packages updates. Do i need to add them and if so how/what do i put in the spaces. Or are there some i can just edit to replace they keys and if so, How will i know which one is which?

Sorry for being stupid, its my first time with keys, im sure i will get to grips with them soon enough.

Many thanks