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    Default how can i Recording from dreambox

    hi i have a dreambox 500s multimedia,how can i recording a movie on my computer,and what kind of softwear i need. tks

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    Quote Originally Posted by lubret View Post
    hi i have a dreambox 500s multimedia,how can i recording a movie on my computer,and what kind of softwear i need. tks
    Depends on what image you have but

    First try this

    1. find your pc lan ip!

    2. Make sure your dreambox is connected to your LAN (start/run/cmd then type "ping 192.168.X.X)

    3. Based on confirmed connection goto your pc and share the folders on c: root, so create a folder called "dreambox" and share it! Inside that dreambox folder create another folder called hdd again share it, then create another inside dreambox called movie this doesnt have to be shared. The path should look like this "c:/dreambox/hdd" & "c:/dreambox/movie" from your pc.

    4. Now goto dreambox and expert setup > communication setup then "mount"

    5. Enter the following ip:

    internal ip of the pc
    Dir: dreambox

    Localdir: /hdd

    Options: rw

    User root

    Pass dreambox

    automount ticked

    then save!

    6. Turn dreambox on/off goto expert settings to check mount is stored (communication setup/mount) and you may want to hit mount it will display a message.

    Then record and check to see if it works!

    THEN if the above has still not worked you may have to do the following

    Before trying this, please note: You will need to login everytime you boot your pc! If your happy to punch in a password on boot up then continue!

    on your pc give a guest account a password. (maybe worth creating your own admin pass too so you know your admin account NOTE: do not make your files private)

    Then reboot the pc, you dont need to login into the guest account just login to your admin (main account)

    Now in the mount setup "put the password" (user doesnt matter) that you created for the guest account on the pc.

    Then try and mount

    Hope that works for you



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